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Modern man has always had access to some form of electronic network connective capacity. In the 20th and 21st centuries, this was known as the internet. It allowed people to be connected like never before. With the massive and uncontrolled advance in human cybernetic evolution, also came an electronic evolution. The Cybernet is the spiritual successor to the ancient internet. It is a totally digital world, where a person with a cyberised brain can actually project their avatar into this level of virtual reality.

This has allowed for extreme levels of digital integration that has never been known before. There are stories of people that have grown disillusioned with what they call the “real-world” and have opted to stay inside The Cybernet forever. They spent so long jacked into their digital avatars, they let their real bodies die. While most view this as a horrid and lurid method of escaping reality, most people can understand why some choose to do this. Massive unemployment and poverty, cramped living conditions and harsh treatment from the cities administrative control systems have left a lot of people yearning for some sort of escape from their dreary lives.

There is a thriving Cybernet community of “ghosts” living inside The Cybernet. They have attained at least some level of immortality as they no longer have to worry about their physical bodies aging or becoming ill. Players with the hacking skill can enter The Cybernet using one of the many Hackterms located throughout the city. Beware though, for while many of the Ghosts inside this world are friendly, some are out for themselves and won’t hesitate to take advantage of a “meatbag” when they see them.

A players Cybernet avatar will not have any of the usual real world equipment they have on their bodies. Rather they will need to use hack gear mods to boost their digital avatars effectiveness at doing certain tasks while in the Cybernet. A higher the players hacking skill, the better equipment will be useable. (The basic layer of Cybernet will be accessible with a bare minimum skill of hacking, Better hacker gear and deeper levels Cybernet require higher hacking skills to access). 


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