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Clans are going to be one of the main integral parts of the Exile Online gameplay experience. Being in a clan will give certain benefits that a player on their own may not have access to. The motto of safety in numbers has always been at the forefront of the human social experience and will hold true in the dark, dangerous and  very often lawless world of the 27th century.


                                                                     Clan strongholds

When a clan is created, the members are given a basic base of operations inside the clan area of the city. The starting clan stronghold will be pretty run down and in need of some tender loving care and attention. Clans can choose to outfit and upgrade their starting clan apartment or purchase a stronghold in a different area of the city. Strongholds may upgraded as a clans level increases and will use cash/points accrued from member activity. Upgrades will give clan members various perks. A clan base can be furnished in whatever groovy fashion the clan decides it wants. 


                                                                           Clan Level

Clan levels will give purchasable bonuses and perks to all members of the clan. This level is increased by time and clan member activities. The leader of the clan will be able to choose where to concentrate in regards to spending any accrued points on certain bonuses for their members.


                                                                    Wilderness Outposts

There are many points of conflict and resource control dotted around the dangerous wilds of the planet Erebus. These areas revolve around the gathering of resources or taking over areas of tactical advantage.

Clans will be able to assault and take these outposts in the name of their chosen faction. Outposts will be vulnerable at all times, but can be upgraded to contain various auto defence systems and fortifications. When an outpost is attacked, all clan members online will receive an alert informing them that their holding is being assaulted.

To take an outpost, a clan will need several members that have a certain degree of proficiency with the hacking skill. These players will hack the main computer and control systems that are inside the outpost command center.Once hacked, they will traverse the cybernet layer of defence and override the command syntax systems to register the outpost their clans name. Depending on the size and strength of an outpost, it may take several hackers working concert to successfully capture it..

The longer a clan holds an outpost, the harder it will be to dislodge them as they will have had plenty of time to enhance and fortify the defence systems.

The Citadel is biggest, ugliest outpost that a clan can capture. With multiple fortress walls and layers of cybernet defences, it will take a powerful clan to take and hold this monstrosity of human construction. The benefits of doing so will be much greater than any other type of outpost but will conversely make them a bigger target for assault.

There are several resource gathering machines inside the citadel allowing for the highest amount of resource gathering available. There is also a dedicated machine shop that will aid a clans in their crafting endeavours while a crafter is inside.

Added to this, the Citadel contains a PvE raid entrance The clan or alliance of clans that takes this citadel will be able to choose who they allow to enter this instance.

If a clan is not strong enough to take the PvP Citadel, they will be able to compete for control of the smaller but no less valuable outposts that are located around the world.


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