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Exile Online will feature an in-depth and diverse crafting system. We want people to realise that crafting and player economy is where the good stuff should come from in an MMO. 

This means that the very best items ingame will be crafted by players. Whether it is a new exotic hand-cannon with 5 modification slots or a set of armour that has better stats on it. Both PvE and PvP will have rewards that may be recipes or materials. These will be used to make items and gear.

There are 5 crafting proficiencies to choose from. Players can make use of all of crafting lines, but gaining maximum skill with all of them may take much time and effort.



Guns guns guns. If you want something that packs a little more of a punch than the pocket knife you got for you 10th birthday, then the weaponsmith will be your first port of call. They work wonders with the materials at hand to create all types of guns, ranging from concealed pistols to a particularly nasty variant of the phase plasma cannon. Big Badda Boom!



As humanity has progressed in technological advancements, it seems there has been a never ending search for more destructive means of killing each other. Over the passing centuries, personal protective gear has become more and more effective at stopping such weapons. This is where the armourer comes into their own. They specialise in the creation of everything ranging from the most basic of cloth sack based flak jackets, to the most hightech nano-alloy adaptive armour systems. Yes...that is how everyone measures your inseam...



No item or vehicle would be complete without first modifying it to your own exacting standards. The Techmagus will create anything you can think of to make your gear suit a special occasion. Whether that be some extra armour plates, crudely bolted onto your chest rig, or even a finely tuned master engineered optic system that uses satellite imagry to help pinpoint an enemies location.


                                                                           Grease Monkey

Cant this piece of junk go any faster? The grease monley enjoys tinkering with anything that makes walking on foot obsolete. 1 wheel, 4 wheels or no wheels, it doesnt matter to these guys. If you need a sweet new ride, be sure to drop by and see what new deathtrap they have invented that particular week.


                                                                       Black Market Doctor

Just what the doctor ordered eh?. The black market doctor speciualises in the illegal creation of non licenced hypostims, medical paraphernalia and aftermarket implants that have been deemded too dangerous for the general populace.


                                                                                Item slots

When a player crafts an Item, it will have randomised stats and also have a chance to contain a random number of modification slots. The chance of getting slotted items will depend on the crafters proficiency with making that particular item and the special materials required to get slotted items. 


                                                                         Crafting proficiency

As in the real world, the more times a crafter creates the same item, the more proficient they will become in making that particular object. This Means, when a crafter first makes a certain pistol recipe for example, it will very likely have shoddy base stats and have almost no chance of being made with slots in it. 

Over time, after they have made several dozen (investing time and money) they will be making that item with much higher stats and a much greater chance of getting slots. Up to a 4 or 5 slotted item which will be modable.



Random world drop blueprints, as well as basic blueprints that you get as you progress through a crafting line. Many of the best blueprints will be found in an unidentified state, requiring a player with the research skill.



To find out what information an unidentified blueprint contains, players must find someone with the researching proficiency. Each blueprint will have a certain skill requirement that must be reached before a player is able to identify it.

There are ancient and rare blueprints that contain the building schematics for the some of the most powerful weapons ever created by human (or inhuman) hands. These are more likely to be found in instance and raid bosses. In rare cases, they may drop from a creature that ate a person that was carrying such a blueprint.



When a player makes an item with low stats, they don’t have to throw it away or sell it to a vendor. They can increase their deconstruction crafting skill. This will give them the ability to take apart an item and regain some of the materials used in its construction. There will be some parts that are unrecoverable however, meaning the player won’t get back 100% of the materials that the item is made of. Many non-crafted items can also be deconstructed. This means a player wouldn’t necessarily have to sell or vendor trash items, but can gain some form of crafting material from stuff that would otherwise be considered junk.



To create the best items, a player must first gather up the blueprint for the item. Once this is done, they can see what materials they will need to acquire to assemble the item. There are many methods of gaining resources, the best of which are from raid bosses and PvP areas. The more dangerous the situation for a player, the better their changes of gaining the most exotic of crafting materials that are needed to make the best of items.


When in a harvestable location, a player may choose to harvest the node manually, or they can place down an automatic harvesting drone. Doing the job manually is by far the most efficient method of gathering the resources in this area. There are areas in both PVE and PVP zones that contain harvestable nodes, with the most likely places being the outposts in the wilderness. These fortresses weren’t just placed down randomly by some madman, they were placed in their specific locations because rich veins of valuable materials were located there.


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