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                                                   Faction Reputation and Relationships

Players may accrue faction points and standing with various factions within the world of Heliopolis. When doing so they will gain ranks via several different methods. Higher faction ranks will give access to better daily missions, general missions and better faction vendor items.

Once a player joins a clan, any faction mission they complete will also increase their clan’s faction reputation. Completing faction tasks will also increase their clans faction reputation, but at a much higher rate than normal missions. Faction tasks are many and varied and include both PvE and PvP based objectives.

The higher a clan’s faction reputation rank, the better their access will be to special faction rewards, missions, faction clan vendor etc. These tasks will also contribute to a clans standing in the politics system.

Players will gain or lose faction reputation depending on the people they kill. They must take care when killing players in their own faction or friendly factions. Their faction points may be penalised if they do so. Killing neutral or hostile faction players will have less of a downside, and may even be rewarded with faction reputation gains or count towards PvP mission goals.


                                                                   Faction Descriptions


Upper Echelon:

The faction known as Upper Echelon was created by First President Alexandros, in order to protect and serve the people of Heliopolis. One of Upper Echelons first acts was to implement the City Control order. This act allowed them to form Section 7, the so called secret police and enforcement agency. Section 7 protects the citizens from internal or external strife and disappears anyone they deem dangerous or malcontent. 

Upper Echelon rules certain parts of the city with an iron fist, and will do anything to keep it that way. Although massive effort is made to control the actions and thoughts of all citizens of Heliopolis, there will always be dissidents and people who’s views differ from the prescribed tenets of the law. There are several areas of the city, which are totally beyond control despite the continued efforts of government forces.


The headquarters of the Upper Echelon is located in the Central District, the beating corrupt heart of Heliopolis. A majestic and sprawling building of Durasteel, rockrete and glass acts like the hub of a wheel. 


Giotech Industries:

The Mega Corporation known as Giotech Industries is one of the main research and manufacturers of all cybrain and android body parts within the city of Heliopolis. Founded in 2448, its core concern has always been biomechanical research and development. Over the years Giotech has invested in numerous new technological marvels of bio-organic human upgrading.

They are the chief driving force behind the push for full cyberisation of every citizen of Heliopolis. Some would say that the potential for abuse and Giotech’s sometimes heavy handed methods of snuffing out any competion will either make this goal a reality of hinder them in their long term goals.

Giotech’s implants and body modifications are made and distributed in several key locations throughout the city, ensuring that anyone who wants to have themselves “upgraded” will have the opportunity to do so. They also have an outreach program for the poorer citizens of Heliopolis who may not always be able to afford the more luxury brands of cybernetics that Giotech offer.

The massive and seemingly endless trade in Giotech’s implants and body modification regime has seen its ultimate goal come one step closer in the recent past, with the advent of full body cybernetics. This new brand of citizenry has almost limitless potential for learning new skills and trades, but at the loss of some would say…the human soul.

Even though there are prescribed centre’s for “upgrading” a citizen, there are some outlaw fringes that take the products of Giotech and modify them to create powerful and dangerous augments. These illegal modifications use usually solely used by criminal organisations to try and gain an upper hand against the genetically engineered super soldiers of the city police force.


Giotech’s main R&D facility is located in the Central District. Ensuring that its business remains the face of cyberisation to the wealthiest of Heliopolis’s citizenship..



Since the dawn of modern medicine, one of the most lucrative and successful businesses in society has always been medical care. This is what Medicorp base their entire financial concept upon.

They produce anything in the medical industry, ranging from the most basic of pain relief to miracle cures for the most devastating of illnesses.

Whispered rumours in the more shadowy depths of Helopolis talk of biogenic weapons research as well as illegal gene splicing of human and alien DNA. No public enquiry has ever proven these rumours as true...but only time will tell.


Medicorp’s HQ is located in the Downtown area of Heliopolis.


Ares Technologies:

Ares Technologies sole focus is on the research and development of arms provided such quality products that Government contracts means Arestech weaponry is used to arm the entire city police force. The culture of arms proliferation has grown wide and far since those early days, with every juve and ganger wanting any new death dealing implement that comes rolling regularly off of their production lines. If it has walked, lived or breathed at some point, you can be damned sure it has been blown away by someone wielding an Arestech weapon of war. 

Not all of the weapons in Heliopolis are manufactured by Arestech. This of course, is a situation with which they are less than pleased. Some extremely shadowy tactics employed by Arestech to correct this are rumoured to include contracted strikes by the several black-ops mercenary groups on their competitors.


Arestech main manufactorium is located in a prime spot in the Manufactory District. All other companies choose to give them a wide berth, due to the sometimes extremely exotic nature of the prototypes that are created by the madmen at Arestech.


The Spartiate Initiative:

The Spartiate Initiative is the codename of an extremely powerful mercenary brotherhood. Their services do not come cheaply however, so usually only the most opulent or most desperate of clientele frequent their services.

These death dealers for hire operate under a certain code of conduct and will not do just anything…unless the price is right. The initiative is very select on who they allow entry into the brotherhood. They are all adept in the extreme methods of combat and when hired, have a 99.9% success rate on completing their contract with utmost diligence and head shotting.

Over the years many traditions have developed which are still upheld today. Initiates are put through extensive and rigorous training. If a person is “lucky” enough to be accepted into the training ranks of the Spartiates, they must survive multiple tests of endurance, strength, stamina and athleticism. On top of all that, they are expected to master strategy and warfare tactics, being pitted against grizzled veterans of the brotherhood in multiple live fire exercises to hone them into the lethal killing machines that they must become.

The higher ranks of the brotherhood see the initiates like their children. They hold anyone that passes all of the tests in high esteem (but wouldn’t ever tell them this).  There is a saying in the brotherhood “blood for blood, bone for bone”. If a Spartiate member comes for you and you somehow manage to wound or kill them, you had better hide and hide well because their wrath knows no limits.


The “secret” HQ of the brotherhood is located in one of the poorer districts of Heliopolis. They wish to remain in contact with the roots of their brotherhood. When you enter their sector, you can be sure that every street bum and pickpocket is working for the brotherhood as a spy or informant.


Order of Illuminatus:

Founded in the 18th century on Old Earth, The Order of the Illuminatus was a secret society that consisted of advocates of free-thought, secularism, liberalism and equal equality for all citizens. Massive effort was made by the governments of the time to and break the order up, and they were very almost successful. Several cells of members survived the witch-hunts that nearly ended this ancient brotherhood.

They have bided their time for more than half a millennia, infiltrating and supplanting their members into all levels of society and government. When humanity started reaching for the stars, it was rumoured that Illuminatus members were a driving force behind this galactic expansion.

Whatever their plans were, humanity was successful in populating multiple planets of the Milky Way galaxy, further spreading the word and spirit of humanity to strange new worlds.

The modern day Order of Illuminatus may not be so liberal and good intentioned. They have either attempted to or were successful in placing their members in key positions of authority around the city of Heliopolis. What their plans and long term goals are, no one is certain. With such a secretive order, only time will tell what the end results of their Machiavellian scheming will produce.


The Order’s base of operations is a secret that only a very select few citizens of Heliopolis are privy to. The first rule of The Illuminatus is that you do not talk about The Illuminatus.


The Dragon Syndicate:

“Everyone and everything has a price” That is the motto of The Dragon Syndicate. Throughout history, if anything has been learned by mankind, it is that it’s easier to lie, steal and cheat. Wherever a human settlement pops up, you can be assured there will be a group of people that will create their own society within that society. They will follow their own rules and answer to nobody except the guy with the biggest gun.

This is the life of the members of The Dragon Syndicate. They control the illegal drug and stimulant market in Heliopolis. They will deal in anything from over the counter pain-killers to black market body modifications.

They also control large parts of several sectors within Heliopolis. Selling or renting property to citizens and companies that cannot afford to operate in the less dangerous parts of the city. They will of course add a protection surcharge on top of any rental agreement that is made (protection from their own members mostly). They will not hesitate to eliminate the competition to their iron bound control of the black-market.

The dragon brotherhood can trace its origins back to Old Earth. They were formed from the remnants of several mafia groups, including Triads and Yakuza. The mere fact that they have survived these many centuries goes to show that they will take shit from no one, including the government.

It is rumoured that The Dragon Syndicate has several links with large and important companies around Heliopolis. What these links are and who they are with remains a mystery to even the vast majority of the Syndicate itself.


The Syndicates main base of operations is located in the outlaw sector near the manufactory sector. They stayed here so they have almost limitless access to any flow of goods that they feel “belong” to the syndicate. Any attempt by the government to dismantle the brotherhood would be futile as there are multiple secret escape routes snaking their way out of the syndicates HQ. Anyone entering the HQ without an invitation usually won’t come back out in one piece.


The Outfit:

This motley crew range from upper class Mafioso bosses down the lowest scumdreg of society that would sell you your own liver if they thought they could get away with it.

They control the vast majority of red-light zones, shops and various other “leisure” establishments. It can be surmised that the first brothel opened within weeks or months of Heliopolis’s founding. The Boom-Boom Room specialises in the wishes of an exclusive clientele made up of the richest and greatest of Heliopolis elite society, While The Last Lap deals with the less well off fringe side of things. 

Fraud and indiscretions by Outfit members are usually solved with the help of contract killers or just the local psycho hired for a couple of credits. Even though their main point of business is soft and cuddly, The Outfit is without doubt one of the hardest and most brutal of criminal organisations in Heliopolis.


There are no known pre-established headquarters for The Outfit, but multiple meeting joints and dens of ill repute. The bosses hold their meetings and shindigs in a different location each time to avoid any mishap that may occur otherwise.


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