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PvE in Exile Online will try to be different from what you may see in other MMO’s. There will be lengthy Epic missions that will have multiple branching results depending on how a player responds to chat, or how they  choose to accomplish the mission. 

We have always believed that players should be able to play a game the way they want to. Whether a player wants to craft, harvest, PvP or go out and kill mobs to gain EXP, want all play styles to be viable with Exile Online.

We also realise that many players want an engaging storyline that has twists and turns, and unexpected events. With our storyline we hope to accomplish this where some other games may fail to do so.

Missions in Exile Online will revolve around solo play, but also group based events. Missions will come in all shapes and sizes, with many and varied mission completion requirements

The faction that a player chooses to join will also have an impact on the choice of missions that will be available. This means that a player may wish to change factions at some point, this will enable them to experience the missions and story arcs from an opposite point of view.


                                                                    PvE Mission Instances

Added to the PvP and crafting aspect of Exile Online, we also realise that many players have come to expect an “endgame” style of instanced combat against devious NPC’s. To that end, there will be multiple opportunities that fulfil these expectations of larger scale NPC slaughter.

There will be a diverse number of these instances, ranging in suggested party size of between 5 and 20 players depending on which instance and difficulty setting a group of players chooses to conquer.

These instances may factor into some epic mission storylines and will reward greatly those players that are able to best the NPC’s contained within.


                                                                 Randomised boss abilities 

In the world of MMO gaming, there are many guilds that have come together with the sole purpose of beating everyone to a "world first" boss kill. It can be very rewarding and satisfying knowing that you accomplished a boss kill before other guilds. 

Over time the strategies and easy guide methods for killing these bosses will be posted in various places on the net. This invariably means the encounters become unchallenging and stilted. To help prevent that and make bosses worthy of being killed by organised groups of players, Exile Online will feature a special boss ability randomisation. Rather than having a set of scripted abilities that do not change, our bosses will be given 2 or 3 abilities from a selected random pool of skills. These abilities will change on each spawn. This will force players to react and form their strategies on the go and will mean that no two boss encounters will ever be the same.


                                                                             Racial Mastery 

As in real life, doing anything over and over again will make a person better at it. In the case of Exile Online, Players are able to gain mastery levels over each non humanoid NPC creature.

This is increased by killing monsters of a certain race. These mastery levels will give a player a small combat edge against those specific types of creature, depending on how many they have killed.

These mastery ranks can be tracked in its own submenu on the skill listing menu.


                                                                            Species Abilities

It seems to be in most MMO’s nowadays, that every creature is basically a reskin of the same basic NPC with either a ranged or melee attack.

We want all of our NPC creature species to have their own diverse sets of abilities. Our main goal is to try and make each creature species feel unique and to have a best strategy when tackling them.


                                                                         Enemy threat rating

All npc creatures and opponents in Exile Online will have a threat rating specific to that creature. This rating depends on how experienced and dangerous each foe is and in what area they are found. Players will have to decide for themselves if they are ready to take on an enemy by how high its threat rating is.

Threat ratings go from the most pitiful of mutant scum with an Alpha- I threat rating. These kinds of creatures are the things that a player will be tackling when they first create their character.

They also go all the way up to Omega - X rating for the biggest and baddest mofo’s in the entire game world. We are talking about big, ugly creeps that need to lay off the steroids for a while. If a player were to enter combat with these guys when they first create their character, they may just about get away with killing them with laughter.


                                                                                City events

Bank robberies/hacking and Goods/products deliveries can be attacked and destroyed/captured/protected depending on your faction. These are random events that occur throughout the city at various times and places. Players will be given a notification and location on when and where this event starts 5-10 minutes ahead of the event, giving them time to prepare their ambush or defence. There will be NPC guards and attackers helping the players. These can be in both PvP and PvE zones, and will reward the players according to the outcome of the event.


                                                                         NPC Encampments

Some areas of the wilderness will have randomly spawning NPC encampments or nests. These are concentrated gatherings, where monstrous creatures or maybe even outlaw gangs have marked that area as their territory. Encampments begin as fairly small, easy-to-destroy sites, but left unchecked, they will grow and expand, becoming better defended, and produce more and harder opponents. 

These concentrations of NPC’s will eventually escalate, spreading new encampments around the area, until they become a threat to anyone adventuring in the vicinity. These encampments will, given enough time, develop into their own well defended/populated mass of enemies.


If players don’t find and take care of these problems when it is small and manageable, the players could end up with a full-blown infestation making life hard for anyone wishing to do stuff in that area. Finding these encampments and eliminating them will be a constant source of engagement and will reward those that take the time and effort to clear them out.


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