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From the very beginning of the development and thought process for this project, we have had a firm vision in mind for the themes of sandbox and world persistence. The idea that players will be able to build a variety of persistent structures in the game world, upgrade, expand and even destroy them. The ability to create things that every player will be able to see, visit and interact with is a big way to immerse the players in the Exile Online experience and to express the sandbox design value of persistence.

There will be specific locations in the world that we develop for the sole function of allowing players to construct buildings. Finding these random locations will enable characters to erect a building or set of buildings on the site.

The restriction on building types and locations exists for two reasons. We want to make building sites a constrained resource, as that makes them worth fighting over which leads to and increases player interaction. Second, we want to ensure that the density of the structures added to the world and the places where they are built makes sense and is not used as a way to artificially segment the game world or to create terrain advantages.


                                                                      Construction Sites

Creating buildings is usually a task that will be attempted by groups of well-organized players that find the site itself, most likely a clan. Once a buildable location has been found, a player with the necessary construction skill will be able to create an object called a construction site. This object includes storage to hold various materials which must be provided to assemble the building. Once the construction site is erected and filled with the necessary materials to create the buildings on the plot.

The construction site can be attacked and destroyed, so it must be defended by the players that wish to make use of the plot. The larger and more complex the structure, the longer the construction process takes. Some buildings might take just a few minutes to complete while others could take days. The most complex structures may take even longer.

A building cannot be used until it is fully constructed. Each building is initially owned by the play that created the construction site, but ownership of the building can be transferred once it is completed. Buildings can be owned by individual players or by clans.


                                                                    Upgrading a Building

Many buildings can be advanced through the upgrading process. The owner can spend time and resources improving these buildings, which not only enhances the facilities they provide but also changes the building's visual appearance. Advancing a building happens in real time just like construction did but during the process of advancement, the building remains open for use.


                                                                    Destroying a Building

Buildings can be destroyed by hostile players, or even by hostile hordes of creatures. Buildings have a certain amount of structural integrity that can be reduced in various ways. As a building loses structural integrity, it becomes damaged, and its functionality may be reduced or eliminated.

Some buildings can be damaged using devices wielded by characters, such as heavy weapons or demolition charges. Vehicles will be the best system to use to demolish buildings as they usually carry the heaviest type of weapons available to players. An individual player could destroy a building, but it might take a very long time. As the building increases its rank, it will gain higher resistance to damage and take even longer to destroy.

The process of establishing a group of buildings is a lengthy one, so tearing them down can take just as long if the group is not large and well prepared for the task.


                                                                    Repairing a Building

Once a structure has stopped taking damage, it can be repaired. Such repairs requires a player with the necessary abilities and will require a variety of materials and resources to complete, similar to those used when the building was originally constructed. The more damage the structure has taken, the more materials and time are required to repair the damage.


                                                                     Types of Building

Ops Center:

This is the core unit of the building site. It governs the overall level of the site and must be upgraded before any other building is allowed to be increased in level. The ops center also allows for the hiring of a commander. The commander will be upgraded in power as the building is upgraded.

Guard Tower:

The buildings generate NPC guards. The higher the level of the guard tower, the more guards can be hired. Higher levels also increases the guards power. The guard towers are also equipped with automated tracking turrets that will attack anyone that is not suppose to be in the area.

Research center:

This building will give a bonus to research speed, increasing as it is upgraded.

Med center:

This building gives a bonus to damage, healing and damage resistance to the occupying player or clan. This benefit extends up to a certain radius The benefit and radius are increased as the building is upgraded.

Hab unit:

This unit houses  the occupying player/clan, giving them a spawn location as well as an auction interface outlet and gambling den.


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