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The reputation systems of Exile Online are those functions that describe the relationship between player to player and player to faction. A reputation economy is a method of giving weight to people's actions. Earning a good reputation is valuable and having a bad reputation can close a lot of doors but open others. 

Your player will have a reputation for certain elements within the game. Ranging from faction, clan and even gang level reputation levels. As the player undertakes various actions for these institutions, the rank of reputation will fluctuate often depending on the task or action that the player took.

The reputation system exists for three primary reasons:

  • Incentives and Disincentives.
  • Player identification.
  • The Player character legacy and standing.


                                                              Incentives and Disincentives

Through the reputation system, we want to reward some behaviors while perhaps punishing others. For example, we want to punish the death of new players, repeated griefing or unsportsmanlike behavior that may produce an overall negative amount of fun for the game as a whole. 

While almost everyone likes being the wolf, very very few people like being the sheep without rest or respite, and sooner or later, no matter how powerful you think you are, you will all be the sheep. Thus Reputation and Kismet work to punish these behaviors by limiting the reasons for doing the above acts.


                                                             Behaviors we like to encourage

  • Large PvP wars. (Thus wars eliminate all reputation losses).
  • Players able to defend themselves without concern.
  • Players to attack each other over resources, money, territory, etc.
  • Most PvP to occur outside of settlements where there are no guards, laws, etc.


                                                           Behaviors we don't like to encourage

  • PvP conflicts where the death of the target means no gain for the attacker, i.e. randomly killing people for no reason.
  • Abuse of new players.
  • Enemy players cooperating to abuse reputation and Kismet systems to their advantage.
  • Players willfully committing heinous acts under the shield of reputation or Kismet penalties so onerous no one would try and stop them.
  • There are other behaviors aside from these, but this hopefully gets you the idea.


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