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The concept of Kismet is similar to that of Karma in some RPG games. Kismet represents your compliance with the law and cooperation with the governmental enforced systems or even your own factions set of rulings. There is the saying “honour amongst thieves” which means that even the so called bad guys don't usually like it when someone runs amok for no apparent reason, killing bystanders that could have been purchasing some of their wares or services.


                                                               Gaining and Losing Kismet

A players Kismet level starts at a totally neutral grade ranging from 0 to +500 to -500. It can be increased by completing various missions or tasks in the game world. Kismet is lost when you attack and kill a neutral or friendly player anywhere other than during the following circumstances.

  • Open world Warzone
  • PvP Arena
  • Clan v Clan war action

Kismet is affected by the rules of the zone you are in. Apartment areas, for instance, inflict a very large Kismet degradation when killing even enemy player, as no one likes a bloody battle raging on while they are trying to get some sleep. Whereas killing hostile players in a dungeon or leveling area has no negative effect on your Kismet rating.

The amount of Kismet lost when you kill a player with positive Kismet also depends not only on the rules of the zone type you are in (dungeon, city, wilderness, apartment, etc) but also the standing of your faction towards their faction.


                                                                      Effects of Kismet

Most importantly, a highly negative Kismet will mark you as a criminal to the authorities and an outcast from your faction. Police and faction HQ guards will open fire at you on sight, much in the same way guards of a hostile faction will open fire if you attempt to enter their HQ.

Players will be unable to traverse the game world quickly by using automated travel services such as the subway and Dynorail links. They will also be prone to constant attacks from other players that wish to punish them for their wrongdoings.

Negative Kismet rating will slowly reset back to a neutral level. They will have time to reflect on their actions while hiding out in their apartment and hoping the cops or a bounty hunter doesn't come knocking at their door.

They will also have the option to undertake certain back alley deals and tasks for certain unscrupulous organisations that have the ability to help a player reset their Kismet standing a bit faster than just waiting around. These tasks will usually involve doing some dirty work for these creeps just to clear the players name.


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