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Each zone and area within the world of Exile Online has a specific security rating attached to it. This rating is a good indicator to how dangerous and hazardous each area could potentially become to an unwary player.

As the security rating decreases the hazards a player can face in that area increases, as the reward for overcoming those hazards also increase in turn. There will be a visible indication of the type of security rating that an area has as soon as the player enters the area. There will also be in indicator located on the GUI as well as the minimap.

In zones with a rating of 5 or higher, the city police will respond to PvP combat and massacre the attacker unless the player that is being attacked is wanted by the authorities or if the players involved are both in clans that are taking part in a clan war. 

This usually means these zones are mostly safe for players to wander around. Allthough there will always be a minority of players that may choose to partake in a suicide attack for one reason or another.

PvP in higher security zone can also occur after a war between rival player clans has been initiated. But these players must take care not to damage bystanders as this would be construed as an unlawful attack and punished in kind by the cops.

In zones with a rating below 5, the security will gradually decrease as fewer city cops dare to tread in these zones. Patrols and stationary police emplacements will be fairly sparse depending on the area.

In zones with a 5+ security rating, players that are wanted by the authorities for having a low Kismet rating, will be attacked on sight by police and HQ guards. Therefore players must choose wisely when deciding to attack and when to wait for a better opportunity. Conversely, in lower security sectors, the police will not attack on sight as they have more on their plate to deal with than some small time crook.


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