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End of February 2017 Changelog

Thu Mar 02, 2017 2:50 pm

  • Hi guys. A couple of days late with posting the new changelog for the end of February.

    General and Skills

    - Nano augment: Regeneration has had its regen rate increased by 5x up to 150% (of base HP and Mech regen) to be more competitive with other nano augment buffs

    - Added a category to vendors dropdown to show implants only

    - Added values for hp, mech and psi regeneration values in the tooltips for constitution, dexterity and psychic power. This will now show you how much of these resources you will regenerate every 5 seconds

    - Added a popup message for HP regeneration above the players head when it is healing the player. This will appear after being damaged and the healing effect of your natural regen takes place

    - Added a toggle for turning popup message on and off for natural HP regeneration

    - Fixed a bug that was making the AOE target indication of fortification to not disappear once the cast has been completed

    - Reduced Neural Bypass debuff duration to 6 seconds from 20

    - Speed reduction of Smoke em'out has been increased by 2x for a maximum of 60% speed reduction at max skill rank

    - Added combat chat channel filter for incoming heals

    - Added self heals such as players base HP regeneration to combat chat channel filter

    - Added the damage reduction effect for Neural Bypass. Will now reduce the targets damage up to 30% at max rank for 6 seconds

    - Blast Amplifier in tanking skill line now has effect on assault blast by increasing its damage up to 12% at max rank

    - Ambient Absorption will now heal the player for the amount of damage it causes

    - Doubled the damage Riot Shock deals per rank up to a maximum of 350

    - Fixed a bug that was causing duplicate AOE circles to be permanently displayed on the floor if a player pressed a hotkey assigned to an AOE type skill multiple times without casting it

    - Buff icons now auto arrange themselves to shift left on the buff tray if a buff to its left

    - Increased effectiveness of surge overcharge to increase immolation damage by 60% and reduce cast time by 3.0 seconds at max rank. Impact surge will cast at 1.0 seconds when surge overcharge is at max

    - Increased damage output of impact surge to be 2x as effective as before

    - The ticks of damage debuffs can now gain benefit of critical hits

    - Increased the size of the AOE target of Ambient Absorption to 5 meters and its range to 25 meters

    - Can now pan the camera around the player character by holding assigned key (mouse button 4 by default) and moving the mouse around

    - Pressing mouse button 5 (by default) will auto refocus the camera to the rear of the player character model

    - Fixed a bug that was making AOE target indicators to sometimes disappear for no reason

    - Added a new 7th tier skill to tanking tree. Defence Blitz is a powerful slow shot that causes massive ammounts of threat generation. Can be used as a starter move in encounters or to pull attention to the tank if one of their friends gets overzealous

    - Added new checks and fixed a bug for click targeting things such as NPCs and objects like loot crates to make it more accurate

    - Resists will no longer bug and increase above their actual values by stacking up when the player relogs

    - Fixed an error that was throwing up incorrect range values between the player and their target

    - Mech based skills will no longer look for psi points to be available when trying to cast them after dying and being resurrected

    - Fixed a bug by adding additional processing data streams for player resource (HP, Mech and Psi) regeneration. The numbers for regeneration will now sync upon character relogs to represent the actual number displayed in the statistic section

    - Completely changed how smoke 'em out works. The skill will now act as a stun rather than a movement impairing effect. The skill will start at 1 second stun with an AOE of 4 meters, effecting up to 3 people. This can be increased to 6 seconds at max rank

    - Fixed a bug that was causing the entire Hotbar GUI to disappear when casting skills with castbar timers

    - If you cast a skill that uses an AOE circle and another skill cools down while you have the target circle active, it will no longer make your target circle disappear

    - Added decimal points for cooldowns on skill tooltips to show the full cooldown rather than to the nearest second

    - Movement and escape interrupt flagging on skills will now work as intended for those that require it

    - Fixed a major issue that was locking up skills due to an incorrectly placed check in the SPEC system

    - Added a fixed background panel location for tooltip text on loading screens

    - Fixed an issue that was stopping skills that have a cast bar to stop casting if the player was moving and then stopped moving partway through the cast

    - Can no longer cast more than 1 skill that has a cast bar at the same time

    - Control+D will now open the developer menu (developers only)

    - Added a message to the system chat filter channel for showing that the player is now walking, running or sprinting

    - Increased chance of pulse generator effect to proc, up to a maximum of 30% at max skill rank

    - Changed the colour of the skill cooldown shutter to be far more visible and obvious

    - Fixed a bug that was causing riot shock to use the effect of smoke em out

    - Buff fading and declicking will now send a message to the combat chat channel

    - Riot Shock will now interrupt your target if they are casting a skill

    - Fixed an issue that was making buff icons with timers blink on and off sporadically

    - Smoke em out will now interrupt the targets casting when successfully stunning them

    - When mousing over buffs with timers on your own buff bar, you will now see the timer decreasing properly rather than see it only show the time that was remaining when you moused over it

    - Fixed an error with the minimap buttons that was causing the map section to flicker on and off when pressing them

    - Increased the chance of the immolation effect of impact surge to proc to a maximum of 75% at max skill rank

    - Regen rates after death will now reflect the unbuffed rate rather than having the rate as before the player died and had any buffs that increased the regen rate

    - Timers on target buffs will now show the correct value rather than disappearing too quickly or remaining after it should have faded off

    - Riot shock will now activate the cooldown of the skill it interrupts if successful

    - Fixed a bug that was causing available skill points to not appear in the statistic panel

    - Interrupt skills will now work to interrupt neural bypass when it is being cast

    - When interrupting a targets cast by using Riot Shock, it will no longer leave a debuff showing on the targets buff bar

    - Ambient absorption will now effect player targets

    - Can now move the cast/loading bar that pops up when casting skills or carrying out various other actions

    - The cast bar will now save its location dependant on where the play places it

    - Added an option for locking the position of the cast bar in the general settings tab

    - Swapped the original Hero Engine character with one of our own making

    - Crated basic running, walking and idle animations for the new player character model

    - Created a target cast bar that will show you what your target is attempting to cast. This will be useful for interrupting their skills at an opportune moment

    - Fixed a bug with character creation and storage that was stopping characters from being deleted properly

    - Added a toggle in GUI options for showing or hiding the players cast bar

    - Found and fixed a bug that was causing buffs to not be saved upon relogs

    - Added the ability to shift click (left or right) assigning points to a statistic. this will help add a lot of points in a short space of time rather than having to click a whole bunch of times

    - Worked on target buff bar more. It is now movable and will save the position the player moves it to

    - Changed the target cast bar indicator to same constrained proportions as the players own cast bar

    - Target cast bar will now stop when they are interrupted or stop casting their skill

    - Added a toggle in GUI options for showing or hiding the targets cast bar

    - Target cast bar will now no longer show the players own casting skills unless they target themselves

    - Increased size of text in both player and target cast bars to make it more visible

    - Fixed an issue that was making the target cast bar appear when targeting your own character even when not casting a skill

    - Added initial combat stance system into the game

    - Fixed a bug that was causing ESC menu to not work

    - Added default button as X to cycle through the different stances

    - Can now go into 3 different stances including - Standing, Crouching and Prone

    - Changing stance will now take 3 seconds to cast

    - Can not cast other skills now while changing stance
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