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End of April 2017 Changelog

Mon May 08, 2017 2:37 pm

  • Hey guys. Bit late but here is the latest changelog.

    - Stance change will now show a different icon that will indicate which stance you are in after the cast bar has finished

    - Player must remain stationary to change stance and can no longer cast stance change while moving

    - Can now cancel stance change by moving or pressing escape

    - Players can now interrupt someone elses stance change by stunning them. Stance change is not effected by skill interrupts

    - Fixed a bug that was locking out other skills after having cancelled a stance change

    - Cancelling stance change with ESC will no longer make the escape menu popup

    - Targeting a player that is changing stance will now make a target cast bar pop up showing you what they are doing

    - Fixed a bug that was stopping the target cast bar from updating when your target stopped casting a stance change

    - Target cast bar will now save location correctly to where the player places it

    - Added stance change message to system chat channel to inform of stance change

    - Fixed a bug that was causing tooltips to bump position a few pixels every couple of seconds when leaving the mouse over it

    - Accuracy now has an effect on wether your skills will hit or miss a target

    - Stances now add the accuracy, defence and movement buff/debuffs as indicated by the tooltip for each stance

    - Changes the base accuracy of all characters to 75%

    - Added a popup message that appears above the targets head when an attack misses. This is coloured white

    - Added a message in the combat chat channel to show misses. A missed attack will now generate a message saying "Player name missed target name"

    - Can now move the stance icon indicator around the screen

    - Stance indicator icon will now save position even through logouts and relogs

    - Added an option to lock the position of the stance indicator icon to the general GUI options tab

    - Falling damage has been implemented. Watch where you walk or you may find that you squash yourself

    - Adjusted falling damage to damage a percentage of a players health over a certain falling distance rather than by direct number

    - Changed critical strike damage message popup to be an orange colour compared to normal damage message popup which are red

    - Adjusted falling damage so it no longer damages the player just by doing a normal jump. Falling damage will start once the player has falled 10 feet or more, increasing to total death once they have fallen 50 feet unless they have a buff or equipment that reduces or negates falling damage

    - Changed some fonts to be more legible

    - Healing skills can now gain a critical effect

    - Added an option to the combat logout timer popup for "Exit now" This will close the client down but the player character will still be ingame for the remainder of the 10 seconds countdown. This works on both the logout and exit game buttons

    - Started a total rework of the mission and contact system

    - Base foundation for mission system in place. Lots of coding done behind the scenes for handling and creating new SPEC data for missions and contacts. SPEC system will be similar to Item and Skill SPECs, allowing devs to create new missions on the fly quickly and easily.

    - Created placeholder mission window

    - Created contact window that pops up when an NPC has a mission

    - Added a section for tracking missions. The tracked mission window appears under the minimap by default

    - Newly obtained missions now appear in the mission tracking section

    - Can move the mission tracking window

    - Players can now have up to 20 missions active at once

    - The number of missions the player has is now displayed at the bottom of the mission window

    - Added a tab for complete missions in the mission window

    - Added a tab for currently active missions in the mission window

    - Added a section for mission description to the mission window

    - Added a section for mission tasks in mission window

    - There are now buttons for reset, abandon, track and share in the mission window, These currently do nothing

    - Selecting a mission and pressing track will now add the mission to the tracked mission section underneath the mini map. This will show the missions name and current task objective. Can press track again to remove it from the tracking section

    - Selecting a mission and pressing abandon will now abandon that mission

    - Abandoning a tracked mission will now also correctly remove it from the tracking section

    - Pressing J will now open your mission log. This is the default hotkey and can be remapped in the options window

    - Added a complete set of level 1 constitution based armour to the item database and vendor inventories

    - Can open the mission log window by pressing the mission icon button at the top of the screen

    - Created the base contact window for obtaining missions. This window will pop up when interacting with an NPC or object that offers a mission

    - Mission contact window will now save location to where the player moves it to

    - Added accept and decline buttons to the mission contact window. These will accept or decline the mission that the player has been offered

    - Closing the mission contact window will act as though you have declined the mission that was offered

    - Can no longer obtain the same mission twice from the same source. Repeatable missions can be obtained from the same mission giver once the current one has been completed

    - Completed missions will now show in the completed mission section

    - Mission log window will now save location to where the player moves it

    - Added several basic mission task types to the system for things such as talking to an NPC or killing a specific target a number of times. More to come

    - Doing stuff for missions such as accepting, declining and several task types will now generate a chat message detailing what was done

    - Mission contacts can now display a list of multiple missions

    - Missions on the contact window will show the required and suggested level

    - Mission log window now has a section for displaying tasks

    - Mission log window now has a section for displaying mission rewards

    - Added mission progress report to Contact window. If a player has a mission, it shows as "in progress", if they dont have mission it shows as "new". When a player selects a mission in the list of missions. a description is shown
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