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End of July 2017 Changelog

Tue Aug 01, 2017 2:42 pm

  • Here is what we have been up to recently.

    - Rewrote and expanded the mission system slightly to allow for better customisation

    - Created a multi task mission type to allow for missions that have a set of various tasks that can be done in any order. Players can see all of the tasks needed to complete the mission and can do them one at a time until all are completed. This is different from multi stage type mission (where each new task is unlocked after completing the previous one)

    - Fixed a bug that was stopping completed missions from being removed from the in progress section and added to the completed section

    - Fixed an issue with mission rewards that was placing the first item into the players inventory rather than the one that they had selected

    - Fixed an issue with the timed learning system that was causing the timer to stop after placing a skill into the slot. Rewrote the system to function differently and act more stable in the future

    - Found and fixed a bug with the loot crates that spawn off a killed NPC. The timer will no longer stall and can be seen live by all players and not just the owner of the box

    - Pressing the loot all button in a loot crate will now take all items within it

    - The lootboxes will now despawn correctly when all items within them are looted

    - Skills that complete a rank gain while in the LARP slot will now be removed and ranked up as intended

    - Mob corpses will now last 5 seconds and then despawn. May rework this time later once gathering skills such as biological harvesting are in place, allowing for a longer period in which to start gathering materials from a corpse

    - Removed the players own highlight when mousing over themselves. Was too annoying

    - Added full set of level 5 Constitution based weapon enhancements

    - Fixed a bug that was causing the currently active skill tree to not highlight on the skill window

    - Players can now select an item reward that is offered during a mission. After selecting the item and pressing complete, the item will be sent to their inventory

    - Added a flashing colour highlight for NPC dropped lootboxes when a player mouses over one for better visual identification of an openable lootbox

    - Fixed a bug with how buffs were looking at stats. They will now correctly update live depending on stats also gained from equipping armour and implants

    - Added popup messages above the players head that will inform them when a mission task or mission itself has been completed

    - Added popup message for Exp gain on mission completion

    - Fixed a bug that was causing infinite server calls when the inventory was being opened

    - Attacking an NPC will now place the player into combat mode. This will also be reflected in their animation and pose. Certain things will not be able to be done in combat mode, such as changing skill tree and logging out

    - When a player has killed the NPCs that they are attacking, they will leave combat mode and return to idle mode. Animations and pose will reflect this. Once they are out of combat they can change skill tree and log out as normal

    - Started base foundation work on NPC loot table for drops

    - Created SPEC system for loot tables. This allows a developer to create a bespoke loot table for a group of mission mobs, a single boss or an entire species

    - Can now assign a loot table to an NPC

    - Can now add various items to the loot table and set a percentage for it to drop

    - Set loot table percentages as floats rather than integers

    - Can set loot percentage chance to contain a decimal point allowing for a minimum drop chance of 0.001% for super rare items

    - Added mission items to loot tables so content builders can add a mission item to a set of NPC drops

    - NPCs can now drop a maximum of 5 items. The changes for which are set within each individual loot table. For example a level 1 enemy would have maybe a 90% chance to drop 1 item and a 10% chance to drop 2 items, drawing those items from the loot table. Whereas a level 50 raid boss may have a 90% chance to drop 4 items and a 10% chance to drop 5 items

    - Created foundation for vendor loot tables via the SPEC system. Added base code to allow for items to be placed into a set by a developer

    - Added a section on NPC SPEC details for assigning vendor loot tables to each individual NPC that has been designated as being a vendor

    - Added created date to the character selection window on each of the players characters

    - Added the ability to assign multiple vendor loot tables to a vendors SPEC data

    - Venrors will no longer show sorting dropdowns in their window for items that their shop does not stock. For example if the vendor does not stock weaponry, there will be no dropdown option for showing weapons

    - Changed the character creation screen to show an area in the lab zone with your character standing facing the camera

    - Changes to the zoom level of the minimap will now save between area changes and through logout

    - Changes to the chat window settings such as its size and tabs will now save between area change and through logout

    - Added the character level to the character selection window on each of the players characters

    - Fixed the mission: Learning to use vendors. Can now complete it by talking to one of the nearby vendors

    - Logout and Exit buttons now work again as intended

    - Players can now untarget an NPC they just attacked and killed and continue to kills new mobs

    - Fixed a bug that was locking skills up after combat

    - Players now return to idle pose correctly after combat has finished

    - Added several new starter missions to help guide the player through the game systems

    - Long mission text descriptions now make a slide bar for scrolling through the text

    - Using a dropdown list on a vendor NPC multiple times will no longer replicate the dropdown options over and over again

    - NPC corpes will now despawn properly

    - Spending all of your stat points will no longer create an infinite server call loop and cause the player to crash when they have their inventory open

    - Talking to an NPC that gives you a mission, with a task in that mission to speak to the same NPC that gave you the mission will no longer auto complete it when you accept the mission

    - Fixed an issue with loot boxes not despawing properly after the timer finishes

    - Fixed an issue with loot boxes not spawning. Items will now show correctly inside and can be taken by the player

    - New characters will now have the correct amount of HP regen rather than showing a 0

    - Speaking to a vendor will no longer open a mission chat window as well

    - When speaking to a vendor, the window will now show the name of the vendor in the top bar

    - Fixed an issue with NPC kills not giving EXP
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