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End of September 2017 Changelog

Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:15 pm

  • Here is a little bit of what we have been up to since the last changelog.

    - Found and fixed a major server to player client error where upon logging into the game, opening the inventory or a vendor would display a blank window until the player opened and closed it for a second time

    - Changed how falling damage works so you will no longer see other peoples falling damage in the chat window

    - Added a fast item lookup from server to client to increase performance when a player sees an item in any window

    - Fixed an error that was causing the bank system to eat items when the window was closed

    - Fixed an error that was making NPCs that were not flagged as a mission type to not give a mission task reward when speaking to them

    - Reworked how the player buffing system worked as it would not allow players to target and buff other players. Have converted the SPEC data system to handle all buffs in the same manner and keep track of who cast what onto who

    - Players will no longer see their own skills populating the target cast bar when they have a target selected and cast a spell that has a cast timer (generating a cast bar)

    - Fixed a bug that was causing fortification to not be applied to players that are within the AOE skill cast indicator

    - Fixed an error that was making the target skill cast bar not populate with the correct data

    - When setting move speed to normal run it will pop a message in chat

    - Lootbox timer should now no longer stay on the screen when a box despawns

    - Mods will now make a menu popup correctly when right clicking on one

    - When deleting an item of green or higher quality, it will now pop a confirmation box

    - When tabbing out or going to a different window, the character will now remember what speed setting it had set such as walk or sprint

    - Can no longer change your skill tree selection during combat

    - When trying to activate or deactivate a skill tree during combat, a popup message in the chat will tell you it is not possible

    - Added some functions to ensure that character models do not start curled up in a ball on the floor after creation or login

    - Changed some functions for the player to player grouping system to use a class lists. This will make the entire system more stable and less prone to breaking

    - Added a load screen between the character select and creation areas to ensure the smooth loading of assets within each section of the game

    - Added credit rewards to missions upon completion

    - Added bounty credit reward to NPC kills

    - Changed how NPCs communication data to the server and then to the player to be far more streamlined and faster. This will make combat against NPCs more stable

    - Fixed an issue with NPCs not respawning properly

    - Started work creating doors that move when a player interacts with them

    - Doors no longer have physics when moving as thus was causing some issue. They wil go back to having physics once they stop moving

    - Added a glow on a door that can be opened when the mouse hovers over it

    - Players will no longer be placed into an EDIT type instance when they are loaded into an area. They will be taken to a live PLAy type instance. This was causing all NPCs killed to not respawn and several other issues that are now resolved

    - Changed the NPC AI distance awareness units to meters. This will allow them to react to players and other NPC actions more efficiently

    - NPCs now have range to their attacks, so they can no longer attack from the other side of the known universe

    - Doubled the range at which doors can be interacted with to 5 meters

    - Skills will now check if a weapon is equipped. For example if a certain skill requires that a pistol is equipped, it will not be useable until the player equips a pistol. Some skills require no weapon and some skills require any type of weapon

    - Added a message in the chat window telling the player if they are trying to use a skill that requires a weapon and they do not have one equipped. It will tell them what type of weapon if there is a specific type needed otherwise it will be "a weapon"

    - NPCs will now attack back even if the player misses their first attack

    - Changed how NPCs communication data to the server and then to the player to be far more streamlined and faster. This will make combat against NPCs more stable

    - Fixed an issue with NPCs not respawning properly

    - Can now get credits from looting various things in the world such as crates, boxes and corpse boxes. There will be a placeholder credit icon for now

    - Speaking to a mission task NPC multiple times will no longer make the task completion more than 1/1 if you speak to them more than once

    - Added some tooltips to icons on the maps

    - Added chat messages saying you have looted items and what that item is

    - Created several "Mind Remap Chip" type devices. Using these will give the player the ability to restore some spent statistic points. They will come in small (1 point) Large (5 points) and Total Memory Format (Frees all points)

    - Can now hotswap equipment within the same slot type. So if you have a helmet equipped and right click on another helmet within your inventory the EQUIP button will no longer be greyed out

    - Auto swapping gear by using the EQUIP button will now put worn gear in same inventory spot that new;y equipped gear came from

    - Mind remap devices now stack

    - Mind remap devices are now useable

    - Removed visible lootbox timer in the world as it was causing too many issues

    - When moving away from an NPC such as a vendor or mission NPC, the window they popped will close at a certain distance

    - Working on making weapons physically appear in the players hand when they equip a weapon

    - The lootbox timer inside the loot GUI will now sync properly when moving away and coming back to the box

    - Mind remap devices now dissapear properly from the inventory when they are used up

    - Several doors in the world are now useable and will open/close when they are clicked on. Certain doors also require a panel or button click to make them activate

    - Moving too far away from a vendor, banker or mission dialogue NPC will make the window close

    - Tall NPC name tags will no longer appear inside their chests as the nameplate is now pinned to be above the mesh of the model

    - Mind remap devices now show the proper stack number when purchasing multiples

    - Changed stance icon location lock option to "Lock stance location"

    - Created base foundation for clan system

    - Added ability to flag an NPC or object as a "Clan Registrar" The player will go to these and ask them to add a new clan to the database

    - Created clan registrar base window that opens when interacting with the NPC

    - Can now create a clan at the registrar by typing a clan name in the text box and pressing Create. This will make the player the leader of a new empty clan

    - Clan registrar window will show the faction that the NPC belongs to in the top window text section

    - Added fluff text to clan registrar window telling the player what the purpose of the window is

    - Added requirements text informing the player that they need to be level 10, friendly with their chosen faction and have 10,000 credits

    - Added clan information and search tab to the social window

    - Added details sections to the social clan tab for clan name, leader, faction and number of members

    - Added search section to the social clan tab. This will allow a non clanned player to search out a specific clan in the game via name, faction or member count

    - Right clicking on a clan in the social clan tab will pop up a button giving the player the option to apply to the clan

    - Removed the defunct option to display loot box timers

    - Clan creation requirement text will now show as red if you have not met it and will show as green is you have

    - Disabled the create clan button if requirements are not met. It will now be greyed out

    - Created the base clan interface window which has tabs for roster, perks, info

    - The clan interface is now opened by pressing the L button as default
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