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Minigames and other fluff

Through many long and coffee filled idea brainstorming sessions, we have had discussions on what kind of fun things we could possibly implement into our game. We dont want to be just another MMO where there only thing a player can do while ingame is to battle against NPC's and complete boring missions to advance their character. To this end, we want to fill Exile Online unique and interesting mini-games. These will include both player controlled and NPC controlled games. Please keep in mind that all of these games are on the ideas and to-do list only at this stage, so changes and different itterations may still be in the offing.

Casino Games

Players will be able to frequent one of the several casinos located throughout the city of Heliopolis. But they will always need to keep in mind the saying “the house always wins”. We will be featuring several old school parlour style games retro fitted with our own little futuristic twists of course. These wll include novel variations of some games that hale from Old Earth such as Blackjack, Roulette and Slot Machines. A form of poker may also be on the cards (har har).

"Lucky" Lottery

Players will be able to enter the weekly Heliopolis Jackpot Lottery. They will be able to buy tickets, each costing a set number of credits. They can purchase these from the numerous LottoVend machines that are located throughout the city.

When a player purchases a lottery ticket, they are given a randomized set of 7 numbers ranging from 1-50. When the lottery event takes place, 100 tickets will be chosen to win a prize. Players can then check the LottoVend machines after the event to see if they have won a prize.

Prizes may include - Credits, Keys that unlock exclusive vehicles to the lucky lotto and Crafting Schematics for some rare or outlandish gear.

Vehicle Racing

Players will be able to enter vehicle races at the Hell’o’drome. They will be able to enter up to 3 races per day. They can choose from several difficulty settings. Higher settings will be far more dangerous but the rewards are substantially increased. If a player’s vehicle is disabled during a race, they will not be able to take part in further races that day, until their hired mechanics have had time to repair their ride.

Race courses will be dotted with death traps such as land mines, fire pits and AI controlled gun turrets. While piloting these race vehicles, players will gain access to certain skills that are specific to this section of the game.

NPC Games

These types of games will allow players to place bets on the outcome of NPC controlled games. These games include -

NPC gladiatorial battles

Just as in the ancient days of hallowed antiquity on Old Earth, nothing gets a citizens blood boiling faster than a spot of good old mindless and bloody gladiatorial combat. Players can enter the Heliopolis’s War Theatre (affectionately known as the slaughterhouse by most citizens). Here they can place bets and watch as their favorite muscle bound meathead blasts their opponent into their constituent atoms. If a player’s chosen champion happens to survive a battle, they can collect their winnings from the sales booth after the game has ended.

NPC racing

These are similar to the player vehicle racing. Players can enter the Hell’o’drome viewing areas to place bets on the pilot that they think is most likely to win the race. Some citizens of Heliopolis have been known to spend up all of their income and savings at the Hell’o’drome, only to see their dreams washed away as their chosen pilot loses the race in a blaze (literally) of failure.