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End of April Update

1234Greetings fellow Exiles.

We hope the year has been treating you kindly thus far.

Since our last update, we are back to developing full steam ahead after the christmas period lull. As you may have noticed we started releasing bits and pieces of ingame footage of foundation systems. We have now gotten to where we feel confident that we can show the game off in moving format rather than mere screenshots.

Various videos showing the inner working mechanisms that make up a video game such as the inventory, equipment, statistic panel, item modification, bank storage and the like.

These foundations are the solid groundwork that we have put in place to enable us to extend content into more advanced systems and build on top of what we already have post-kickstarter. We are also redesigning the skill system from the ground up using an integrated system called SPEC that is part of the engine.

Without going into too much technical detail, the SPEC sytem allows our programmers to create a DEV based tool that lets non coders create a skill by simply filling in a form and selecting the details of what they want the skill to do. This means we dont need the programmer to go into a script and write up a bunch of code when a new skill needs to be added into the game. The skill system will function the same but is just eaier to maintain behind the scenes.

We will also be using this extremely powerful SPEC system when it comes to creating NPCs, items and also missions which speeds up content creation to the nth degree.

We mentioned the node spawner in our lest Dev Blog entry, which is now a completed and very powerful Dev tool. The final parts of the Dev side GUI for this tool are being cleaned up. We will make a video showing the power of this utility once the GUI doesnt look like ass.

Check out the foundation gameplay videos we have on our youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/ExileMMO/videos

We have also been busy on our reworked player owned apartment. This is a more up market penthouse deal. Players will be able to purchase any numbers of apartment that will come in various quality and styles of layout. They will then be able to furnish their new pad with a huge array of interior decoration options. You can check out the latest playable build here - DOWNLOAD FROM DROPBOX


What is next?

As mentioned above in our previous blog post, we have been gearing up for kickstarter for some time now. We have posted and contacted numerous gaming websites and groups all over the internet. This has been quite successful in spreading the word about Exile Online.

Having achieved a higher level of awareness we now feel ready to run our Kickstarter campaign. We have started constructing our preview version of the campaign on the KS website and will be opening it up within the next week or so. We greatly appreciate our fans and future players and with your continued help and support, we know we can make a great game that we will all be playing together for years to come.

Stay tuned for more information about the Kickstarter campaign. Keep classy Exiles.