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The Road to EGX Part 1

egxAs time has gone by and development of the game continues at a steady pace following the first failed Kickstarter campaign back at the end of July, we have reached and completed several milestones of content and systems work and have decided we are now ready to show the game off to the public.

To that end, we have recently been in contact with the organisers at EGX Rezzed (Eurogamer Expo). We have managed to get a spot at the exhibit where we will be able to let gamers have their first hands on experience within the world of Exile Online.

This is a huge step for us as, up to now our team and a select few Hero Engine developers are the only people that have had access to the game world.

We will be showcasing at the event for 3 days from Thursday 30th march 2017 until Saturday 1st of April. Let us know if you are attending and feel free to come along and have a go or have a chat with us regarding anything you might have a question about.

We now have 109 days 17 hours 45 minutes and 4 seconds to polish everything we have and get more stuff crammed in where possible.

See you there fellow Exiles.