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Changelog 1 - 06/08/2014

Wed Aug 06, 2014 2:07 pm

  • - Implemented option window with a wide range of graphical option sliders and toggles available

    - Options window now toggles open/close with ESC and O keybinding

    - Logout/exit window now toggles open/close with ESC

    - Added mouse options for inverting X, Y. Also added mouse sensitivity

    - Changed over GUI for options window to new GUI elements set. Still some tweaking and minor changes to be made to it

    - Tweaked GUI settings for character select window to new GUI elements. Including buttons, text, and scroller bars

    - Made character creation number limited to 3 initially, GUI text represents this

    - Tweaked GUI settings for options window. Got rid of transparent background behind the window frame itself

    - Added TMP_Scrollable template, so that the window GUI parts are already in, its the scrollableParent replacement with slider and window background

    - Changed text colour to standard on the options window

    - Changed tab appearance on options window to match new GUI

    - Exit button on options window now functional

    - Added minimise function to options window

    - Keybinding created upon new character creation

    - Removed overlarge text from options GUI. Cleaned up some uneeded GUI elements. Changed slider grabber and container over to new GUI design.

    - Changed Main Menu options appearance to new GUI design

    - Created new skills and ability GUI with new GUI design

    - Added click on sub menu and get skill lists, currently only have the Tanking skills list, though the others show 1 skill each called - none

    - Each list ie menu/submenu/skill list has a back button at bottom and specific title at top

    - Added L.A.R.P section to skill window. Works with minimise/close window. Does not yet function with timer , numbers and moving skill to slot

    - Added in Skillbar at bottom of screen

    - Added in functionality to right click skill and remove from LARP slot

    - Unavailable skills are now darkened to denote that they are not usable yet

    - Added check for a skill being a LARP type, if not it just removes from mouse when clicked on LARP slot

    - Skill is now replaced when another skill is dropped onto LARP slot

    - Added Skill level number to bottom of skill icon. Skill level ranges from 0 (untrained and unusable) to 6 (max skill rank)

    - Organization - moved methods to their owners, then added call to them

    - Added work in progress loading screens

    - Player and target resource bars now show on the hotbar section, needs tweaking
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Wed Aug 06, 2014 8:38 pm

  • Begin hype train!

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Wed Aug 06, 2014 10:43 pm

  • theForth wrote:Begin hype train!

    At this time, coded systems are taking a massive leap and bound in terms of progress compared to ingame art. This isnt because there is a large disparity between the two teams, rather that perfecting the look of the game and making sure the stuff we are creating in terms of 3D models are actually nice to look at.

    We will have several areas fully completed and textured up in the next month or so.

    These include a lab area instance, subway and monorail stations, a nightclub, a sewer/maintainance instance and a small snapshot of one of our city districts.

    These are all currently being worked on hard by the team. The modelling is all done for the most part, now its onto texturing which can take as long to perfect as the modelling of the areas themselves.

    I truly believe the new stuff is AAA in quality as we have some very talented team members. But as its of such quality, it just takes a little time.
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