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CHANGELOG 10 - 08/01/2715

Thu Jan 08, 2015 8:02 am

  • So its been awhile since the last update. Here are some of the things we have been up to.


    - Items on the inventory and equip screen now save their location when moved or equipped. Now also works when player logs out

    - Changed initial location of inventory window so it now doesnt cut off halfway in the bottom of the screen

    - Items on the crafting and mission item sections now save location when moved etc

    - Updated DELETE confirmation window GUI appearance

    - Switched lootbox over to new bespoke model

    - Item handling and inventory changes etc now saves after logout and login

    - Created crafting item subtype type

    - Created tooltip for crafting items on the inventory screen

    - Added checks for crafting items so they can not be placed into general inventory storage, all crafting items including recipes and materials will go into the crafting storage inventory

    - Added requirements to equip and use items (statistics and player level)

    - Added equip requirements to equipment tooltips

    - Created item enchancement window. Enhancements act like slots for making items more powerful or tailored to suit a specific situational type. Items can have up to 4 enhancement slots. The number depending on luck, quality of materials used, skill etc

    - Created right click for items in inventory. Right clicking will open up a popup menu that gives options such as Equip, enhance, discard or use

    - Discard button now discards items when clicked. Items of epic quality or higher will require a confirmation button to be pressed

    - Enhance button on right clicking an item now opens the enhancement window for modifying items

    - Added a popup message that says "No enhancements available" if a player clicks to open the item enhancement window on an item that does not have any slots

    - Created item quality types ranges as - standard, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary

    - Item quality is now reflected in the name of the item by colour. Standard is white, uncommon is green, rare is blue, epic is purple and legendary is orange

    - Added enhancement number availability to the tooltip of those items that have enhancement slots

    - Equip requirements on item tooltip now show red if they are not met

    - Player can now press N to open the enhancement window as well as using the right click on item option to open it

    - Created basic item modifications. Can grab them from inventory and place into empty enhancement slots on any enhanceable item

    - Enhance items now show added stats derived from enhancements that are placed into empty slots

    - Enhance items now display statistics when placed into the enhance window

    - Damage and damage type statistic added to tooltips to weapon type items

    - Enhancements placed into items now save their position when the enhance or inventory windows are closed

    - Removed resist type statistics from non armour and armour mod type items

    - Removed weapon based info from non weapon and weapon mod type items

    - Enhancement mod tooltip now only the show relevent information such as the stats they are enhancing, the item type they are intended for and for which subpart they are for

    - Added a check for putting enhancement mods into item types - Weapon or Armour

    - Added a check for putting enhancement in correct slot type - Barrel, optics etc

    - Added a check for player combat rank requirement on using mods

    - Added quality to enhancements

    - Enhance items and mods now have correct tooltip name colour based upon item quality type

    - Fixed enhancement window, closing window now no longer makes items dissapear

    - Enhancement window no longer shows random statistics and numbers when no items are in the slots

    - Fixed offset showing on tooltip, where barrel type enhancements would show damage/damagetype instead of crits/accuracy

    - Item tooltip now has level requiremend coloured red if it is higher than the players current level
    08-12-2014 - Right click on item popup will dissapear if the player clicks anywhere other than one of the options on the popup

    - Damage, damage type and damage stat will now show in the statistic popup of the inventory window

    - Statistics now update when player equips an enhanced item

    - Fixed a small bug where equipping enhanced items would also change weapon info


    - Smoothed out logic and numbers for range finder functions

    - Updated max character warning popup to new GUI style

    - Fixed a bug that made the players nametag dissapear and reappear in random places on the screen

    - Fixed a bug that stopped the player being able to cast skills that were placed in the hotbar

    - Various inventory GUI spelling and layout corrections


    - Replaced the buttons on the friends lists with a drop down box containing several clickable options

    - Removed old drop down box that was an attachment to the friend label

    - Right clicking on a friend label will show you available options

    - Click on remove will remove the player from your friends list

    - Clicking block will remove the player and put them on your ignore list

    - Dropbox appears correctly below mouse click now

    - Fix bug where dropdown box would cause the game to crash (may require further testing)

    - Block and remove functions fully tested and working

    - Dropdown is destroyed when and option is selected, another button is clicked, social screen is closed etc

    - Added new full graphic for the dropdown and hid the header

    - Fixed bug where players location was not showing on friends lists

    - Updated labels in block screen to only show name

    - Updated layout of labels to provide a better layout and keep everything formatted correctly

    - Added a condition check for adding friends to check if they are already in your friends list

    - Changed background for the dropdown boxes

    - Added code to search through areas that match the typed letters in the who screen

    - Who screen sorts players by name

    - Who screen removes duplicates from its final list

    - Small amount of code clean-up for redundant functions/variables

    - Friends are displayed as offline when they are so

    - Unblock player works from the blocked screen

    - Social screen refreshes upon removing/blocking a friend

    - Changed positions of labels in the titles and created labels

    - Changed positions of the buttons on both who and friends page to match the original design

    - Changed options on the dropdown boxes to be correct for the right screens

    - Fixed bug where the ignore dropdown would not display correctly after removing the extra options

    -Add tab from who screen will now send a pending friend request to that player

    - Blocking players from the who screen now works

    - Who screen displays how many results are being shown currently

    - Removed sorting functions replaced with automatic sorting to help ease server load

    - Social screen button on the topbar GUI now flashes green upon receiving a friend request

    - Gui changes with layout to fit longer/higher letters (q,p, etc) into the search boxes and to allow for more letter

    - Clicking on the message button on a dropdown will auto fill the character’s name into the chat system and prep a message to send to that user

    - Clean up of code on server for optimisation server side

    - Clicking on the social screen window tab will stop it from flashing until a new friend request is received

    - Characters area will show offline when a player logs out

    - Characters area on the social screen will now correctly update when the player changes area

    - Characters area will correctly update when the player logs in

    - Additional space given for location names on the social screen layout
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Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:32 pm

  • Keep it up, you guys!
    If there happens to be any typo, sorry, BRs gonna hue!
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