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CHANGELOG 11 - 09/02/2715

Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:42 am

  • Inventory/Equip/Items:

    - Inventory position now saves location, depending on where the player places it

    - Equipment tooltip now only show the required stats for equipping rather than all possible stats that an item can have. Required stats now appear at bottom of item tooltip and will be coloured red if the player has not met the requirement

    - Item modifications now change the overall level of any equippment they are placed into. For example if a level 10 modification is placed into a level 1 gun, the gun then takes on the level 10 requirement

    - All statistics on the stat popout window now have a tooltip telling the player what the stat does and any numbers that are associated with it. For example crit chance will now show the number of crit chance points and also the % chance of making a crit

    - If a weapon is not equipped, the stat panel will not show any data in the weapon damage and weapon damage type sections

    - Vendor system created. Player can Buy and sell items to the vendors

    - Buyback function added to vendor. First 15 items will be listed in the buyback section until the 16th item is placed, which then makes the 1st item sold dissapear permanantly

    - Dropdown section added to vendor for sorting by name, type and value

    - Dropdown section added to vendor for showing only certain item types (armour, weapons etc)

    - Added buttons for spending points on statistics (con, dex, int, psy)

    - Confirm and cancel button added for when points are spent on stats

    - Statistics now save when a player spends points and presses the confirm button and points are returned to the unspent points pool if player presses the cancel button

    - Crit Chance now starts at base 5%

    - Crit Magnitude now starts at 50% increase (for damage, healing etc)

    - Alacrity now starts at 0% bonus speed

    - Accuracy now starts at 85% base

    - All statistics start at 0. Players at level 1 will have 10 spare statistic points to spend how they see fit

    - Base starting HP pool is at 250 without investing into any con

    - Base Mech and Psy pools start at 100 points without investing into any dex or psy

    - Fixed bug where closing inventory with a tooltip active would leave tooltip open in midair

    - Closing inventory or stat popout panel will now act to return any assigned stat points to the unspent pool, as the player has not confirmed their assignment. Acts like cancel button

    - Removed stat attunement type from weapon and player data as new statistic gain method means this is no longer needed

    - Closing inventory now no longer resets HP, mech and psy to max levels

    - Rearanged layout of skill window to make the Activate and Back buttons more noticable and easier to access
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