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Changelog 2 - 13/08/2714

Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:17 pm

  • - Countdown timer for LARP system skill training is in place, needs tweaking, not yet fully functional or persistent

    - EXP bar is in place on hotbar section, appearance needs tweaking

    - Added 20 skill boxes onto hotbar section, skills cant currently be dragged into place there

    - Target and players hp/stamina/psybar now working correctly when something is targeted and when in combat. Player bars work correctly now during and after combat

    - Exp bar tweaking complete

    - Skills can now be added to the hotbar, not pressable yet

    - Added skill swap function to hotbar, left click will pick up and hold a skill, moving mouse over another skill or empty slot on hotbar and left clicking again will swap skill or place skill into empty slot. If swapping, new skill will now be held by the mouse

    - EXP bar now increases when a player kills a mob and also ticks over to start correctly when player gains a level

    - Player and Target resource bars now have proper appearance

    - Tweaked how button presses and dragging skills works on the Hotbar. Left click - Grab and move. Right click - Activate/use. Left click + drop anywhere other than hotbar = remove. Left click + drop on another skill on hotbar switches their positions

    - Added some basic data on tooltips for skills

    - Added back button on skill tree sections

    - Added check for which skills can be used in LARP and hotbar. Passive skills can not be placed on hotbar. Activated skills can not be placed onto LARP slot

    - Started initial work on the mainmap GUI, had small problem when the map is increased in size, so just the basics for now. M starts the new GUI map

    - Added new Inventory Window, bound to I key

    - Added button functions for inventory window for the basic buttons, no NAW or Stat sidepanel yet

    - Added button functions for Stat panel and NAW panel, stat panel fully functional with player data, NAW info not functioning yet

    - Added required level and skill for unlocking higher skills on each skill tree to skill tooltips

    - Changed the effect for Assault Blast to a laser type

    - Added check for tooltip going off screen bottom and right

    - Added tooltip for skills in hotbar while skill window is closed

    - Added a temp fix for the playing FX for lazer fire (assaultblast). Currently emmits from character head instead of weapon

    - Added autosave for hotbar per skill set. When you add in a skill to the hotbar its position will be saved. If a player switches skill tree and then switches back it will reload the previous layout of skills on the hotbar for the currently active skill set
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