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Changelog 3 - 20/08/2714

Wed Aug 20, 2014 4:55 pm

  • Mapping System:

    - Rewrote GUI control script for minimap system with proper commenting and options

    - Added zoom in/out buttons to the minimap

    - Added new GUI appearance to Minimap

    – Small error with minimap not displaying. Merged new code into previous code, and updated old GUI

    - Built new main map GUI section. Bound to M as default

    – Found and removed existing errors in mainmap code caused by not finding the GUI control

    – Updated and resized main map window, set toggle for non-map GUI objects (to make it full screen). Added mission tracking code hooks for symbols and icons

    – Modified toggle to always set the proper GUI display state (off when activating, on when deactivating)

    – Linked MapList functionality into OnLoad functions. If the area is valid, it loads that map. Otherwise, it loads the world map

    – Added updated layermask, button adjustments on minimap to ensure correct placement and orientation of icons

    – Added placeholder map icons

    – Removed minimap minimize function as it was not really needed

    – Modified NPC script to add icon hooks

    – Added Merchant boolean field for showing merchant type NPCs

    - Minimap zoom function buttons now have 4 levels of zoom

    - Minimap now docks at top right of player screen by default. Players can choose to undock and move the minimap GUI freely to wherever they want it to be


    - Started to rework chat system from the ground up

    - Timestamps toggle now available in chat options

    - Cross area/instance PM system now stable and active

    - Cross area system chat channel now active

    - History number limit of up to 100 message entries added. Players can choose how many messaged are recorded on the chat section before dissapearing

    - Multiple chats on entering new areas bug fixed

    - Started to work on the chat GUI to reflect new GUI design
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