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Changelog 5 - 07/09/2714

Sun Sep 07, 2014 12:03 pm

  • General:

    - Hotbar tooltip now appears above hotbar section rather than over it

    - Changed loading screen background over to new image set

    - Created GUI piece at top of screen with buttons that toggle open and closed various windows

    - Removed redundant test functions for the top menu due to menu starting when characters GUI is created and cleaned up code

    - Added popup tooltip to top menu gui

    - Changed position of top menu tooltip to appear just below each button

    Social System:

    - Added basic social menu window GUI, will open and close upon clicking the social icon on the menu bar. Social panel will display friends name, level and location in the friend tab

    - Different tab buttons set up for each section of the social panel. Currently preforming no function other than opening the chosen tab

    - Can now search for players in the search text box on friends section. If the player is online and in the same area will add them to your friends list (testing functionality, will be changed later)

    - Able to search for the zone friends are in and displayed this on the social panel

    - Able to now find players id/name/location in any area as long as they are online

    - Who list can now find all online players and display their name and level under the who tab

    - Can now use the text box on the social panel to send a blank friend request to an online player wherever they are in the world

    - Sending a friend request will send a popup GUI on the target friends client giving them the option to accept or decline the friend request, currently only decline works

    - Can send a friend request to any online player which ever area/instance they are in. this will create a pop up for that player to accept or decline. Declining the invite closes the tab. accepting the invite will add the players to each other friends list displaying their name and zone when they are online. When players are offline currently all data tags for them are set to "offline"

    - Minor gui changes within the social tabs for layout reasons

    - Added a knowaccounts variable to the world data to be able to search and query offline players

    - Added blocked and pending lists to the player account for use with the social system
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Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:38 pm

  • Very good. Nice to see some updates once in a while.
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