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Changelog 6 - 19/09/2714

Fri Sep 19, 2014 4:58 pm

  • General:

    - Added character combat rank (essentially player level) with exp requirement for level, currently starts at 500 exp to gain level 2 and doubles in required amount per level. Numbers are for testing purposes, will be balanced after and during testing. Level 50 currently requires 562,949,953,421,312,000 exp so will have to adjust numbers at some point

    - Player level now appears on hotbar in requisit position

    - Target level now appears on hotbar in requisit position

    - EXP gain now appears overhead of player when killing something or completing a mission

    - EXP text colour changed to purple

    - All kills are currently worth 500 exp per target level. ie - if an enemy is level 4, the player will receive 2000 exp for killing it. Numbers are again for testing purposes only and will be balanced during progression testing

    - Tab button will not target the players character. Tab now targets closest hostile first, then cycles through all hostile targets in order of distance to player

    - Level gain text popup now appears above player character when a level is achieved

    - Text colour of player and target level indicator on horbat has been changed to correct colour to correspond to rest of GUI

    - Added diminishing returns on EXP gained from NPC kills. The amount of EXP gained starts to drop off when a player is 3 levels above the NPC they kill. EXP dropoff starts at 3/4 full exp at 3 levels above, 1/2 at 4 levels above and 1/4 at 5 levels above. The number will drop to 0 EXP gained when 6+ levels above an NPC killed

    - Added player nametag above player character model

    - Reduced the size of the exp gain and the level increase messages that appear above players head to half the original size

    - Fixed target level not disappearing when target is killed and no target is selected

    - Cleaned up the logout section a little, so that it goes to the loadscreen faster


    - Made changes to the code to allow better tab customisation and chat channel filtering

    - Finished the chat filtering feature

    - Started to debbug the «APPLY BUTTON» for chat tabs feature

    - Added the possibility to rename chat tabs

    - Replaced the chat setting basic tab by the exile one

    - Made changes to the chat GUI to fit what was needed

    - Various optimization and bug fixes to the chat system

    - Chat window is now resizeable

    - Changed the way chat tab scrolling arrows look

    - Fixed a few bugs I noticed during tests

    - Started to use the new text font
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Fri Sep 19, 2014 7:11 pm

  • As an mmo player, that number seems a little ridiculous to obtain unless the scaling on the enemy/objective experience scales with it (Which is incredibly hard to do) I could recommend perhaps using an exponential increase rather than a flat 2x the previous level's required xp.

    For example I'll use WoW (which I hate referencing)

    XP = ((8 × CL) + Diff(CL)) × MXP(CL) × RF(CL)
    where CL = the current Character Level

    Diff CL increases the higher level you are.. starting at level 29 where Diff becomes 1 and increases every level

    MXP is monster experience at an equivalent level and is pretty self explanatory

    RF is used to reduce the difficulty of level but creating an integer number to reduce the monster experience level requirement

    Just my thoughts on the XP system

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Sat Sep 20, 2014 1:57 pm

  • All numbers are just in a basic form atm, to facilitate quick and easy testing of the actual systems themselves. As mentioned on the changelogs, these numbers and calculations will be adjusted over time once progression testing is underway. Progression testing being an extensive test to determine how long it will take a player to level a characters and its skills.
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