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Changelog 9 - 11/11/2714

Tue Nov 11, 2014 7:10 pm

  • Social System:

    - Fixed a small bug with blocking people that existed when blocking offline players would cause the GUI to lockup

    - Players can now remove another player from their friendlist

    - Remove friends working over network when the target player is offline

    - Text in the search input box now changes colour when clicked on

    - Input box returns to default colour after a short time

    - Input box clears text after this time delay

    - Input box now displays red if player does not exist/player is already in friends list

    - Text box colour changes to red and message is changed when a player is searched for

    - Gui Updates with adding headers and various minor layout tweaks

    - Added a level and location search to the who tab

    - Added a text input box for search function in Who tab. Searches are live and will show results instantly. Text in this input box searches through all known players and returns any that match the typed word. Partial hits are also shown

    - Search result section now returns nothing when the box is empty instead of everything

    - Text block displays “blocked” and “unknown player” depending on the situation

    - Who list searches through all known areas and matches the search to them

    - Search box on who now will not create a search until at least 3 letters have been entered


    - Added range limit of 3 meters for opening lootboxes

    - Added a base set of equippable items that can be placed into corresponding slots on the equip section. Items can be thrown away/destroyed, moved around inventory and unequipped and other inventory/equip based shenanigans

    - Created basic tooltip for items that will show the details for each object

    - Added base range of values for item stats - Con, Dex, Psy, Int to item database, items add those values to the player stat window that is located on side of Inventory window

    - Added values for resists (Biotoxic R, Optical R, Kinetic R, Outlawed R) to database, items add those values also to stat window. All base range of values now appear in the item tooltip
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