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End of 2016 Changelog

Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:05 pm

  • Happy new year. Have some patch notes.



    - The statistic panel button inside the inventory now highlights a different colour when the mouse is hovered over it

    - It is no longer possible to activate/cast 2 skills at the same time

    - Added a new interupt/stop cast feature for channeled skills. If a player moves, jumps or presses escape before a skill is finished casting, it will stop the progress bar

    - If a player runs out of resource to cast a skill and still tries to cast it, the cooldown will no longer activate even though the effect does not

    - Fixed a bug that was causing skills to become unusable once a player runs out of resource (mech/psi)

    - HP, Mech and Psi regeneration is now a flat 2% per 5 seconds which scales based upon your current maximum levels in those resourses. For example if you have 1000 HP you will gain 20 health per 5 seconds

    - If a player is too far away from their target, a chat message will indicate this in the system channel filter. Will also tell you how far away your target is

    - The base regeneration rate of 2% for HP, Mech and Psi is now increased by 0.1% per point in constitution, dexterity and psychic. For example if you have 1000 constitution, this will increase your base regeneration by 100% meaning your rate is now 4% per 5 seconds

    - Once a skill has reached max rank, it will no longer be able to be used in the LARP slot and it will not longer gain uses against earning toward a next rank (as there isnt one)

    - Resists from items now have an effect again incoming damage

    - Fixed a major bug that was spamming server with data requests when opening the inventory

    - Blast amplifier now raises the damage of assault blast

    - Assault Blast mech cost reduced by 5 per rank

    - The buff from Vigilance is now removed upon death and no longer stacks infinitely when you revive

    - When you target an NPC an indicator will now appear on their marker on the minimap showing that you have them targetted

    - Increased the cast time of Neural Bybass to 1 second and it can now be cast while moving

    - Added a new AOE function that creates a shape (circle or some other shape depending on te skill) when using AOE skills

    - AOE skills now effect multiple targets depending on the skill used

    - Added game title to loading screens

    - Added AOE effect to smoke em out, now effects up to 5 targets within the AOE marker

    - Changed smoke em outs AOE range to be 3 meters in diameter

    - Added a slight offset to the Y position of the AOE marker so it does not clip into the ground surface

    - Modified the code and logic behind the range to target system to be more accurate and update consistently

    - NPC and player models will no longer effect the position of the aoe target indicator, meaning it will not travel up their body and glitch

    - The mouse cursor will now disappear when using an AOE skill that makes an AOE target indicator appear

    - Changed fortification into an AOE based skill. This will let a player buff their entire group or raid instantly if they stand next to each other

    - Added a target AOE indicator that is centered on the player when they begin to cast fortification

    - If the player moves while casting fortification it will now cancel the cast and also make the AOE indicator disappear

    - Players can now sprint for 125% speed

    - Added a sprint lock button so the player can now press this to make them sprint when moving until pressed again. This is set as shift by default

    - Added walk movement speed which is set at 50% of normal run speed

    - Players a walk lock button to lock movement speed to walking until pressed again. This is set as left-ctrl as default

    - Base AOE target icon is now set as green

    - resized and repositioned text boxes on the loading screens so they no longer stretch off the edge of the screen or cut off tip text

    - Changed buffing and/debuffing information to be filtered into the combat chat channel

    - Ambient Absorption is now an AOE based leech that heals the player for the amount of damage it causes to the targets effected by the skill

    - Ambient Absorption AOE is now 2.5 meters and will effect up to 3 targets

    - Fixed an issue that was causing a skill lockout when using a skill with a long cast timer

    - Fixed a severe maths script float error that was causing an area to shut down

    - Can no longer move skills on the hotbar while they are cooling down

    - Fixed a bug that was causing the damage and effect of impact surge to be delayed

    - Highlighted skill tree now saves correctly through relog and after pressing the back button in the skill line itself

    - Beneficial buffs now have a green highlight around them to show they are helpful

    - DoT effect of impact surge no longer disappears before the effect has finished ticking down

    - The DoT effect of impact surge now happens on a % chance basis that can be increased by raising the skills rank

    - Nano augment regen in the tanking tree now multiplies your HP, Mech and Psi point regeneration by up to 30% at max rank

    - Impact surge now has a cast time of 4 seconds

    - Debuffing nano-augment resist or casting another nano-augment buff while nano resist is active will no longer wipe out all other resist type buffs

    - Impact surge can now be cast while moving

    - Surge overcharge will now reduce the cast time of impact surge gaining better effect for higher ranks

    - Made cast bar reflect the time a skill is going to take to cast

    - Fixed a bug that was causing a skill with cast time to be interupted if another skill came off cooldown in the
    middle of a cast

    - Completely changed the way how skill cooldowns work. Cooldown on a cast skill will now only start once the skill has been succsessfully cast, rather than as soon as the skill has started to be cast. This means that if a cast is stopped by moving or pressing escape, a cooldown will no longer be activated as the skill was not actually cast

    - Nano augment skills can now be interupted by moving, jumping or pressing the escape key while it is being cast

    - Added skill interupt chat messages to the combat chat channel filter

    - The damage and effect of damage skills that have a cast time will now no longer come into effect halfway through the cast

    - The tooltip for mousing over hotbar icons such as skill info will now pop up in the lower right side of the screen by default rather than in the middle of the screen

    - Tritanium plating in tanking skill tree will now act to directly reduce incoming damage, up to a maximum of 6% rather than increase resistances
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