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End of July 2016 Changelog

Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:04 pm

  • It has been a while since we last posted patch notes. This is mostly due to the total rework of the entire backend system which is taking longer than expected.

    Lootable Resource Node Spawner and Builder Tool

    - Resource node foundation system added.
    - Resource nodes are creatable through a console command (for testing).
    - Resource nodes can be clicked and opened by the player.
    - Resource nodes disappear when clicked.
    - Items now appear in a node when it is opened by the player.
    - Items in a resource node can be looted and added to the players inventory.
    - Individual items can be removed from the resource loot node.
    - Resource nodes respawn after 1 second passes (for testing).
    - Resource nodes data now persists when server or area shuts down.
    - Resource nodes are now replicated to the server.
    - Added ability to take out all items inside a node by pressing the Loot All button.
    - Added world builder GUI tools for easily creating resource nodes.
    - Resource nodes created in the master area now propagate out to all existing areas and will also be created when any new area is spun up.
    - Added section in node builder tool to make nodes respawn after a set amount of time.
    - Node builder tool can now inspect any previously made nodes in an area and modify the data any time. Such as increasing/decreasing respawn time or items that may spawn inside of it etc.
    - World builders can now delete nodes permanently from an area.
    - Can now change a resource nodes location manually.
    - Added ability to make resource nodes spawn randomly within a set area.
    - Fixed a bug that stopped looted items correctly appearing in the players inventory.
    - Added a maximum range to opening and looting nodes. Currently set and 4 meters.
    - Added a popup message for showing a player is out of range if they try and open a resource node and they are too far away.
    - Added a timer for opening nodes. Currently set at 2 seconds.
    - Added a graphical loading bar to show progress of opening/mining a node.
    - Added ability to define multiple item loot tables and drop chances within resource node and loot boxes.
    - Credits can now spawn in loot boxes and resource nodes.
    - Resource nodes will now remain until all items have been taken from inside of them.
    - Added out of range message to chat filters.
    - Added a graphical pulsing colour effect when a lootable object is moused over.
    - Can now have an item spawn within a certain number. So if setting possibility with a min of 0 and a max of 10, it can spawn a number of that item between that range.
    - When a node is opened and then closed with items still inside of them, the node will no longer disappear and will remain for a minute before despawning and starting the respawn timer. This is so accidental closure does not result in loss of loot and also to stop someone from taking out all but one item and leaving the node there half full (the villains).
    - All nodes will now be visible to players in the area regardless of level or quality of node.
    - Any object can now be made to act as a node container.
    - Opening a node will no longer make the players body disappear for a short period of time.
    - Can no longer place items into opened nodes.
    - Picking up items will no longer overwrite other items in your inventory and are placed in proper order in an empty spot.
    - Can no longer take items from a node container when inventory is full.


    - When logging in, the players name was incorrectly displaying under the hotbar section. it will now appear above their head again.
    - Added additional checks and resources for buff timers so that they are more accurate.
    - Rebalanced fortification mech cost to be in line with current phase. Will now use 10 mech points at base, increasing by 5 per additional rank.
    - LARP timer is now accurate within 0.1 second after logging out and back in. Progress is saved on server cache and newly updated values are shown to players correctly.
    - Your target buff bar will now update correctly when it is updated. Information is sent from their client to the server to your client.
    - Unbuffing the pvp buff can now be done manually.
    - Created several energy cloud particle effects.
    - Additional buff and debuff messages have been added to the combat chat channel filter to more accurately tell the player what has happened.
    - Death respawn timer will now continue to countdown correctly if a player has minimised their client.
    - When a player upgrades their skill in rank, it will now update on their hotbar to the new higher rank, without the need to drag the skill onto the hotbar again.
    - Added additional cache checking and data tranferals for logging in past the character select screen. This process will now be much swifter.
    - Added tank skill: Nano-augment: Regeneration to the tank skill tree. This skill increases the players overall health, mech and psy regeneration levels by a large degree.
    - Added tank skill: Nano-augment: Threat Enhancement to the tank skill tree. This skill increases the players threat levels as percieved by NPC enemies.
    - Added tank skill: Nano-augment: Digital Carapace to the tank skill tree. This skill increases the players resistance to physical damage.
    - Added tank skill: Tritanium Plating to the tank skill tree. This skill will decrease all damage taken.
    - Created several spark type particle effects.
    - Can now unload and reload the entire GUI using CTRL-G. This will make everything disappear and then reappear fixing most GUI problems if one should arrise.

    Weather System


    - Started work on foundation adaptive weather system.
    - World builder tools added for creation of weather effects.
    - Base textures and effects for rain, smog, fog, sleet and snow have been added.
    - Base system for cloud layers added.
    - Initial work on area weather pattern creator.
    - Added rain splash effect when rain hits a solid object.
    - Clouds can now move in a specified direction.
    - Cloud coverage can now be varied, defined by world builder using time of day, season and current weather pattern.
    - Cloud colour can be changed. Also changes can be defined depending on season etc.
    - Cloud size and number of clouds can now be defined.
    - Fog colour can now be changed.
    - Fog amount can now be defined.
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