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End of October 2016 Update Changelog

Tue Nov 01, 2016 2:28 am

  • Happy Halloween you spooky bastards. Here is the latest changelog of what we have been up to. Enjoy.

    - Logging in when you previously had fortification active before logging out will no longer double your health points

    - Opening the context menu on the hotbar (right clicking your icon on the left side) will no longer crash the client

    - Added additional filters to the context menu to increase performance on GUI loading

    - Added additional threads from server to client to increase loading of data for all items in the new spec system

    - Added in sort by cost, type and name to all vendor items in a list

    - Added back vendor buy/sell functionality using the new spec system data to support any and all items created using it

    - Added back bank functionality using the new spec system data to support any and all items created using it

    - Added a delete NPC button to NPC spec system

    - When receiving items in a trade, they will now filter into the correct tab page

    - Items using the spec system will now appear in the correct spot in the vendor, bank, inventory/equip and mail systems rather than randomly moving around when these windows are opened and closed

    - Inventory now checks for item type (equipment, misc, crafting, mission etc) when it is added to the inentory and will now correctly filter it into the correct tab section rather than lumping all items together in the general item tab

    - Can now store items with enhancements in the bank. The attached mods were previously disappearing when closing the bank interface

    - Equipped items will now save their position and correctly add the stats to the player when logging in/out

    - Inventory will switch to the relevant tab when buying items from a vendor depending on the type of item you are buying. For example if you have the general tabs open and then buy some crafting materials, it will switch focus to the crafting material tab to show you what you are buying

    - When receiving items in a trade, they will now go to the first empty spot in your inventory

    - When buying back an item from a vendor, they will now go into your inventory rather than into your bank storage

    - When buying an item from a vendor, you can now right click the chosen item to buy a single one

    - Can now trade credits directly with other players, enabling cash for item type trading

    - Can now send items with enhancements attached to them through the mail

    - Can no longer pick up more items than you are able to physically hold in the inventory. Before it would just start replacing the items in the first inventory slots

    - A popup message saying "inventory is full" will appear if trying to pickup items from any source (vendor, loot, trade etc) when your inventory is full

    - Found and fixed "check for empty space", while double checking looting resource node, with inventory closed

    - Can no trade enhancements and mods to players that do not meet the required level or statistics of the item

    - Can now send enhancements and mods to players that do not meet the required level of statistics of the item

    - Stat panel will now show weapon damage that has been modified by enhancements and mods

    - Stat panel will now show added bonus values to statistics from items that have mods attached to them

    - Fixed a bug that made any item with capital letters in the name title not appear in the inventory and bank

    - Tooltip for items with mods attached will now show total values combing the base initial stats and also the stats gained from the mods that are contained in it

    - Can now split stacks and add other items of the same type to a currently stacked stack

    - Changed the way character data is loaded and initialised upon starting up the game and selecting a character to play. Loading is now 60% quicker

    - Loading a character will no longer randomly crash every so often for no reason. Initial loading is much smoother and stable

    - Enhanced code for opening inventory window. Loading the items and reading the data will now happen almost instantly with an average of 150 ms delay on opening

    - New players start with 100 credits

    - Can now loot items from loot nodes buy pressing loot all or selecting individual items and pressing look selected button

    - Added a chat message that will notify you if you try and purchase an item from a vendor and do not have enough credits or tokens

    - Selling and buying a stack of items will now calculate the value of all the items in the stack together and cost or pay out accordingly

    - Can now send stacked items through the mail without all but 1 disappearing

    - Trying to receive items when your inventory is full will now send a chat message to your general channel saying "You can not carry any more items"

    - Found and fixed a small bug in enhancements from changing the way lists are saved

    - Dropdown boxes on vendor window are no longer grabbable and moveable

    - Sort my cost working for all new items

    - User placement of bank, vendor and social windows now save location to where they are moved by the player and also persist through relogs.

    - Pressing the respawn here option after you die will no longer warp you to the nearest arrival zone in point

    - Added enhanced checks for data integrity when logging in. This will ensure a players statistics such as their HP, Mech and Psi levels are the same as they were when they logged out

    - Slightly changed the menu for pvp buffing/debuffing on the popup context menu. It will now only show the option that is opposite to your current condition. So if you are not flagged for pvp the only option will be "pvp on" if you are flagged for pvp the only option will be "pvp off"

    - Fixed an error when right clicking on another player and not being able to make the popup context menu close. Now closes when clicking anywhere else on the screen or pressing one of the buttons in the popup menu

    - LARP skill system has been modified to now use all skills that use the new SPEC handling system and is functioning as before

    - Points remaining box inside the inventory is no longer draggable behind other elements of the inventory GUI and will be stuck in place when it appears

    - If you allocate statistic points but do not press confirm and then equip or unequip an item, the allocated points will now be returned to your unused pool. This is to avoid possible confusion and mix ups when changing out gear and spending stat points

    - Made vendor drop down boxes more stable so they will appear and be useable each time you interact with a vendor

    - Button and icon highlighting no longer bugs out a GUI that was making it change colour when mousing over the window that contained the button

    - Changed the way mail is opened in the mail inbox. A double left or right click will now open it

    - Fixed an error that made the points allocation section of the statistic panel appear even with 0 points remaining left to spend

    - Added a delay for messages that pop up above the players head if multiple messages are displayed at once, so they are all able to be read

    - Activating a skill will now make the representative button on the skill window be highlighted to better show the player what line is currently active

    - User placement of the skill and inventory windows now save location to where they are moved by the player and also persist through relogs

    - Added a highlight that is activated upon mouse over to several buttons and icons in various locations on the GUI to better indicate that they are pressable and which button will be activated if pressed
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