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Following the path

Thu Aug 04, 2016 5:44 am

  • Hi!

    I was wondering if a player wishes to focus on one thing, for example:

    Player 1 has low evasion but has a high amount of Health and Armor, (s)he wants to be the tank.

    Player 2 has no clue to focus what (s)he wants, so he becomes the jack of all trades, with averaging everything with Health, Armor, Weapons, Hacking, etc.

    Player 3 has high evasion and hacking but lack the defense.

    Player 4 spend large amount of skills into Special weapons.

    Is it possible to advanced the skills once you have maxed them, giving them greater power?
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Sat Aug 06, 2016 12:14 pm

  • You will eventually be able to train all skills to their maximum. Everyone has the same potential. Unfortunately the human brain, even an augmented one can only access a finite number of skills at once, which is why you can only use one set of skills at a time.
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