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Story-Writer looking to share his Cyber-punk Vision

  • I've been following Exile Online for quite some time now and one negative that sticks out to me is the lack of story within this beautiful, yet flawed world. There is so much art and potential for narratives that I'm shocked that the "Watering-Hole Forum" doesn't have much to offer :cry: . I'm willing to write a cyberpunk plot-line for your game, if the devs haven't thought of one yet. I would need some help with the art visualization of my characters though :oops: , as I'm still studying my 3D animation diploma.

    But the synopsis goes like this:

    A mega pharmaceutical corporation, CircuitCure, decides to use its substantial market profits to help the poverty stricken communities of Heliopolis. It's CEO, Jack Conway, who pioneered the cybernetic limb restoration program, and who is also widely known for having developed numerous bio-electric weapons; begins this new company direction after witnessing a poor child starve to death outside his company building.

    Although Jack's intentions are just, he is met with public criticism and contempt for helping the poor, whom are also under the influence of Erebus' criminal organizations. Murder, Sex-Trafficking, and Illegal drug dealing are regular cases committed by these underground gangs, and it keeps a firm territorial grip on Heliopolis' unfortunate lower-class citizens. Luckily for Jack, however, these things are no different from the politically corrupt dealings of mega-corporate business. Using nothing but his intellect and bio-electromagnetic inventions, Jack or Fat-Jack as he is now being nicknamed, aims to revolutionize the streets of Heliopolis.
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  • The watering hole is for the public to post up their own stories. We would be very interested in seeing some of those stories be adapted into the lore for the game.

    At this stage, nothing is set in stone and there is always room for doing this kind of thing. We welcome the chance to work with our fans and players to bring your bright ideas into the game world :)
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