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Exile Apartments



Throughout history, if mankind has learned one thing, it is that it’s good to be king. Exile Online will feature an innovative politics and voting system. 

Each faction will have a player that is chosen to be the Archon representative for that faction. Until of course his opponents gain more votes by impressing the voters (or bribing the right people).

Clan leaders will have the opportunity to enter themselves in the faction elections that are held every 2 weeks.

A leaderboard will show how many political points each clan has accrued since the last election. This board will show all players the clans have worked hardest to make their factions status in Heliopolis that little bit higher.

Once the voting has opened, players will have 3 days to vote for the leader of the clan that they think contributed the most to their faction’s reputation and standing with the general populace of the city. Failing that, they can maybe vote for the person that bribed them the most that week.

The faction reputation points will reset every election, allowing for newcomers to participate on equal footing with the opposition.


                                                                        Faction points

When a clan leader is voted into office, they are given access to the treasury of their chosen faction. They will use these funds to buy bonuses for their faction. They must be spent wisely and not squandered, or players are unlikely to vote for them again.