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Skills in Exile Online will be divided into two distinct categories which will determine how they are advanced in power, strength and rank by players.

                                                                      Activated Skills

These skills will require the player to use it in a combat situation to rank it up.

For example, a player may start with the basic skills in a certain skill line. They will then need to drag their chosen skill into their hotbar, enter into combat with a creature and use the skill. Each time they use the skill they will gain a proficiency point for that skill. Each skill will need to be used a certain number of times before it advances to the next mastery level.


                                                                 Timed Learning skills

These skills are passive and are learned over time.

A player may select a single passive skill and place it into the Learning Advancement Regulation Processor (L.A.R.P) slot contained within their cyberbrain. Once they do this, the processor will steadily read/write multiple avenues of data to advance the players knowledge in that skill.

The time it takes for a skill to advance to its next stage is dependent on its current rank. Higher ranks and tiers of skill will require longer to learn. These passive skills can be found in all skills lines and will increase the effectiveness of weapons, activated skills, armour proficiencies and resists etc.

The L.A.R.P learns at a steady rate in the background of the players subconscious and will also continue to learn even when a player is not conscious (when offline).


                                                                        Skill Rankings

When a player first creates a new character, all of its skills will be greyed out and locked other than the first skill in each tier. The first rank of a skill will be the easiest to unlock and upgrade. Skill point and ranking values also factor into the strength of the ability so they play a vital purpose in those equations as well. You will be able to see what rank your skills are and how many experience points are required to either unlock the skill or increase its rank once unlocked. 

There are 6 possible ranks for each skill. 

Unskilled (cheapest and easiest rank to unlock) 





Grand Master (most powerful and experience costly to unlock) 


When a player opens their skill subset windows, they will see all of the unlocked abilities available to them. Skills that are higher up in tier will require the preceding skill to have reached a certain rank before a player can unlock its basic level. For example, skill A-Tier1 must be ranked up to "Adept" before a player can unlock skill B-Tier2.


                                                                         Crafting Skills

Trade-skills are raised in much the same way as activated skills. Each blueprint will have a proficiency rating that is raised each time the player crafts that particular item. The player will need to craft an item a certain number of times to advance their skill in the creation of that item. Once a player has raised a blueprint to its maximum potential mastery rank, they will have a much higher chance of gaining better crafting results including higher item stats and slots.