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Outside of the main factions that a player can choose to actively join, Heliopolis is also filled with a varied and diverse number of Gangs and Corporations. During your daily travels within the world of Exile Online, you may run across certain contacts belonging to these various sub-factions.

Players will be able to raise their reputations for these sub factions by carrying out various tasks and jobs that are required of them. This can lead to rewards such as special technology or even luxury appartments in some cases. As with the main factions, the gangs and corporations have their own set of standings on which rivals they like or hate.

It will be up to the player to make the decision on who to please and who to piss off. Actions taken to increase their reputation level with one gang may have some serious nagative effects on a players standing with a rival gang.

If a player eventually gains serious negative standing, they will no longer be welcome to enter any office, property or territory that has been claimed by these gangs and corporations. If this is the case, a player may find themselves under attack if they wander into one of these establishments.