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The beginning of a journey

Hello Everyone, Darkind here.

Okay, so the Development Journals are alive and kicking. And as you can probably now guess, the flow of information is coming. I am going to make this a very quick one.  Over the course of the next days, weeks, months. I along with my other Developers will be filling you in with a lot of information about the upcoming Exile Online. Now, there will be certain things that we won't be telling you, and don't want to tell you. I know, thats a little harsh, but there are some things that we just want you to get surprised about. 

No point telling you about how your cake is made, when at the end of the day that would detract from the great taste, and so far this cake tastes... well like any cake you want it to be really. Sadly, i'm going to leave it there. And will get down to the information in due time. On a parsing note. We are getting ever closer to showing you a little more of what we have so far, and I'll leave you with this.

"We are not alone, even those of us who are in Exile. Together we will make a better world. Are you going to continue your life as it stands? Or will you join us, and define the future for all of us."