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Changelogs and Much Much Moar

As some of you hardcore Exilers may have noticed, we have started releasing somewhat regular patch notes/changelogs. We felt it was time to show you guys and gals some of the work we are doing behind the scenes. Think of it as a reward for your dedication. Sticking with our project while hearing nearly nothing from us for months may have been tough, but not showing you all what we are working on is even harder i think. We really want to show the game off to you all, but at the same time we dont want to be premature in what we show.

This means that while we have shown at least some of the new ingame stuff that is being made, this is very very far from everything that we have in the works. The team and project as a whole has recently been given a new lease of life in terms of development speed. We have achieved more in the last 2 months than the last year combined. This is mostly due to having an almost entirly new team that are really dedicated to making this game a great and fun environment to play.

If you had missed it, we have a new Changelog section up and running here - http://exile-online.com/index.php/forums/11

We will try our best to release a new set of changelog each week, usually on a wednesday. Once we are confident in the ingame appearance of some things, we will also be releasing many more screenshots and perhaps a video or 2 every now and again to let you know what the new game world actually looks like. Believe me when i say that it looks nothing like what you may have seen in previous videos.

As we advance through production, we are nearing the point at where we would feel that releasing the project to Kickstarter to obtain some much needed funding. This of course would only be done once we have a very solid groundwork in place for the game. So stay tuned for updates in the coming months.

=Overlord Prometheus-