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End of May Update

Wow this year has gone quickly. Progress on both coded and art based systems are still underway full steam ahead. We are entering our final preparations for full publicity, which means there will be a whole lot more visibility in terms of what we can show you guys. We do have a lot of stuff, but getting it into a presentable order takes a little time. We will be releasing videos and screenshots which include little expose's of ingame features such as system work and playable areas.

What are are currently working on:

- Player to Player trade (mostly complete)

- Addditional skill data (adding parameters to skills such as range, cooldown, cast time)

- Polishing of Banking, Vendor, Inventory and Social system work and GUI

- Sigma lobby and office area (mostly complete)

- Sigma lab area (mostly complete)

- Planning and designing new website (behind the scenes)

We are very nearly at the point of progress where we feel we have something solid and worthy of having on Kickstarter, so be prepared. As usual we welcome all questions that you may have regarding any aspect of the project. As mentioned above, we are planning on releasing a whole new website. The new site will be quicker and easier on the eye. All accounts and forum postings will be migrated over.

Stay frosty Exiles.