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End of June Update

Greetings fellow Exiles.

Another month has gone by and we have not been idle. Since the update in June we have been working away hard on completing several aspects of the game that include both coded systems and ingame art (3D modelling). We have also commissioned several new concept art pieces that we will show during our Kickstarter phase. As some of you may have seen recently, we have released a couple of images showing 2 of our near complete environments. The Downtown tileset and the Sigma Sewer Area.

The new art quality is far and above anything we have created in the past. We have always asked that you guys take whatever you see with a grain of salt as it is still early days. You can see a comparison of the style of our old and new stuff and the difference is night and day in our eyes.

The Downtown area set we have worked up is a modular tileset with various ways to create large volumes of city interior zones pretty quickly and with a minimum of fuss. These sets are still being worked on to ensure they are dynamic enough to not feature too many repeated aspects. The Downtown section is one of several main areas in the city as a whole so expect a wide variety of style in the future.

The Sector Sigma Sewer area was recently completed as well. This area is one of the first zones that a player will encounter during the starting tutorial section of the game. It is a rather well kept sewer compared to some others in the city but players will still need to keep their wits about them if they want to get out alive. 

What we have been working on:

- Player to Player Trade is now complete

- Sigma Sewer area is now complete and ingame

- Downtown Prototype area is complete and ingame

- Player to Player Grouping system (initial foundation inplace)

- Resource node spawning system (world building tool for placing respawning lootable nodes into the game world)

We have been working on networking based systems for the most part in the last few months. These are systems that show the capability of player to player interactions and may seem trivial and non critical to some, but are an essential part of what makes an MMO.

Stay tuned for patch notes and further screenshots in the coming days and weeks. As usualy, we welcome any questions and thoughts about progress and development now and in the future.