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End of Jan Update

News-iconGreetings fellow Exiles.

A new year has arrived and we feel this is going to be the year of the Exile. Things were quiet on the development front over December as our team took a little time to sit back and relax and spend a bit more time with our families.

Since our last big update we have been working hard to come to the point where we feel confident in releasing our game system videos and gearing up for kickstarter.

What we have been up to

The major part of this update comes in the form of the new city styling. We had our prototype city environment made, but we felt it just lacked originality, the scifi touch and interesting 3D gameplay opportunities.

As before, the scene is constructed using a lot of modular techniques allowing for a vast variety in terms of being able to make a city area that is far more interesting to explore and play around. In real terms we can compare the old city to new york, where everything was very flat and not very fun to walk around and explore.

We are have also been working on a penthouse style player apartment which is mostly complete and just needs importing to the game. We will of course show screens/video of this area in a somwhat furnished state. Player apartments will be your digital home away from home so to speak and can be decorated in a unique fashion so no 2 apartments will ever be the same once you get your hands on them.

We have also been working on several coded systems. The main focus was the world builder and backbone tools and framework for the crafting material resource nose spawner. At a basic level, this tool allows our developers to go into an area, bring up the tool, input some options from a dropdown list that includes object type to go into the container, respawn time, respawn radius and skill required etc. 

Then they press Ok and a node is placed into the game world. These nodes can then be clicked on, if a player has the requisite skill to mine/loot the node and can gather the materials they find within it. This system is mostly complete now and just needs some cleaning up to be presentable as a finished system that we can show you guys and gals.

What is next?

As mentioned above, we are gearing up for kickstarter. This means we wll be going very public with our game. We will be contacting various MMO and video game related websites and their editors. We have now completed 95% of the content of art and coding that we tasked ourselves before going full public release. The videos are all made, now we will be releasing them for all to see.

Stay tuned for patch notes and further screenshots in the coming days and weeks. As usualy, we welcome any questions and thoughts about progress and development now and in the future.