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WorthplayingWe have been featured again on another news site. This time on Worth Playing. This is great news as we have just started our big push on spreading the word about Exile Online in a much more active approach now that we have content and gameplay featured to actually show off rather than just mere concept art and an idea. Every mention that we get on a gaming website other than our own or on Facebook is means a great deal to us as it really does help us.

We are now in final preparations for starting up our kickstarter campaign. So stay tuned for that.




Exile Online is a sandbox cyberpunk MMO set in the far future as mankind struggles to survive political and social strife in a never ending world of action and subterfuge.

Exile Online takes its inspiration from many corners of the scifi/cyberpunk genre including: Bladerunner, Akira, Judge Dredd, Deus Ex, Total Recall and Syndicate.

As a sandbox world, living inside Exile Online gives players the opportunity to do many things that may seem out of the ordinary in a usual MMO. While fighting and raiding are considered the norm these days, we are also going to give players the tools to shape and evolve the world itself should they have the guts to go after the glory.

Key Features: 

  • Persistent open world sandbox environment 
  • Customisable player apartment housing 
  • Fully player driven economy 
  • Dark and gritty engaging dystopian story themes 
  • Fully dynamic player avatar creation

Exile Online will be free to download and play.

- by Rainier on March 28, 2016