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tinylogo.pngA nice little article entry here on Massively Overpowerd in our never ending attempts at spreading the word of Exile and getting our image out there. Thanks for the continued support from all of our fans out there in the big wide world.


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Exile Online invites you into a dark cyberpunk world


Jonesing for a nice bite of cyberpunk in your MMO diet? Then you might want to keep one augmented eye on Exile Online, an upcoming sandbox that is jacked in to all sorts of cyberpunk feels.

Exile Online has a wide variety of ambitious features, including extensive player housing, a mix-and-match skill system, an intricate economy, implants, politics, and, of course, a futuristic dystopia of high technology and low morals. “Life on Erebus is cheap,” the devs explained. “The wary citizen must always keep an eye out, lest they become just another statistic, crushed under the feet of monumentally powerful and corrupt mega corporations and bureaucratic agencies.”

While the pre-alpha isn’t yet accessible by the public, the team recently made an apartment demo available to all. The game has been in development from at least 2014. A Kickstarter campaign is in the works for some time this year.

-April 25, 2016 Justin Olivetti